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Recommendations... Please

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Hi Everyone....

I need a recommendation for a snowboard for my son that is comparable to what he has.  He now snowboards on a Wide Ride Manic (156).  He is 175 lbs, 6',0", size 11.5 boot (so he needs a Wide board), and he mainly enjoys frontside groomers; his skill level is, I would say, intermediate +.  He likes the Ride board (flex 6), but I know there are other boards that are comparable in flex but also have a little rocker that would be helpful in crud and cut up snow conditions.  We will be in Vail in Feb. and the place that rents my skis also rents Rossignol snowboards. Any thoughts on Rossignol boards?  Others?  Thanks much.

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Rossi is a dying brand in the snowboard world.  They are way behind.  Check out Christy Sports/Powder Tools or Breeze. Both tend to carry boards from several different manufacturers.  So they may have a model you son is interested in for him to try out.  The bindings they rent tend to be adequate but that's about it. 


Another rental shop worth stopping in at is TBS in Dumont.  They are not in Vail, but they do have a good selection of gear. 

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Wow, thanks so much, Killclimbz!  This is very helpful.  Being a skier, I wouldn't know about the Rossi snowboards.  As you suggest, there is, like skis, a bewildering number of brands.  Do you have any in particular in mind?  I can then seek out the rental places in Vail that carry them (and others).

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