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Good entry ski poles?

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Hey, Im finally taking the plunge and grabbing some skis, and I need some poles to complete the set.  Id like to get some that are decent, nothing too fancy, but not the cheapest out there either.

All mountain would be preference; once a year I do a trip out west to ski more powdery conditions (SLC), otherwise its mostly east coast DC area skiing.  The only big caveat, is that I need 135cm poles.

Im looking to spend $20-45, probably not more than that.  Anyone have any recommendations?

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Yes,  Cheap. Aluminum.  Closest to $20 you can get.  Poles are the least of your equipment worries.  Anything will work fine as long as the proper length for you. 

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Poles are poles. Unless your racing or doing back country or something else that requires speciliazed stuff it doesn't matter. $5 poles will serve you as well as as $100.   

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grip fits your hand suitably, and is the proper length for you.  That's good enough to start.


Be advised that different manufacturers' rulers can be different, as well as their placement of the baskets and grip.


So be sure to try them in person and not assume 52" is always 52" for example.



whatever color matches your skis and outfit will be the best performing ones.

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I'm partial to better quality aluminum poles.  Still relatively cheap but not $20. I gave up on cheap poles because I kept bending them --I hike and climb a lot inbounds and they don't hold up.  I have a pair of Scott's (not made any more) I gave my son after I had a few years on them that survived two seasons of ski patrol and are still fine (except he cut off the straps). Cheaper in the long run.  There are different thicknesses of aluminum that make a big difference--unfortunately hard to figure out on the web sites. Powder baskets are more versatile--you'll appreciate them even if you only ski groomed when you lose control, fall into the soft snow off the side of the run and are trying to get up again.  But most people do subscribe to the "get the cheapest poles you can find theory." So buy the cheap ones now, but remember my advice when you bend them or break them.

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Play it Again is a good consideration if looking on the cheap.  I've picked up some decent hybrid ones out of but I believe unless you can get free shipping, they may not meet your price range.

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I grabbed some "composite" poles off of for $25 that looked pretty nice, they arrive today and Im trying them tomorrow.  I mainly was looking for some poles that "work" without having awful grips or being super flimsy like the stuff they have @ rental shops.


Thanks for the advice everyone.

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I like the L9 Goode composite poles.  They're a bit on the heavy side, but they last.



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