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Atomic 10.20 CXC: great skis!

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187 cm (6’1”)
210 lbs
32 years old
25 years skiing experience
(Skill level: don't really know, but ski everything everywhere)
Atomic 10.20 CXC, length 180
Bindings Atomic Xentrix 311
Boots Salomon

I just came back from two weeks of skiing my brand new Atomics 10.20 CXC.

Replaced my old Völkls P9 SL and can say only one thing: I am really ecstatic about them!

First day out: they didn’t take much getting used to. They can do anything I ask of them: classical skiing: fine, but only turn a lot easier (got to stay on top of them though).

Second day out: agressive skiing is rewarded with a lot of energy. They hit you right into the next turn. Like nothing I ever experienced before.
Tried my first carving turns: put my feet further apart, let the skis turn by themselves and got awarded by a lot more stability.

Third day: took my little kid up on the mountain (4 years old). She had had her first day in ski school and I took her from a beginner’s slope (on a leash). So I got to find out that the Atomics can plow very easily too.

Fourth day: took a two hour carving lesson. Never felt so much pressure on the upper legs. These skis can go really fast as long as you keep them on the edges.

The following days I learned to love these skis more and more. They do everything exceptionally well. Very fast edge to edge, but also very easy from carving to slipping turns. Long turns, short turns (out of natural radius): very easy.
New snow, hard snow, ice: easy, easy, easy.

I felt like I was 18 again. I really could rip the mountain apart on these skis.

I didn’t try any other skis this year, but last year I rented a pair of Rossignols GS (race carvers) and was not enthusiastic. These Atomics have made me forget my Völkls. I tried the old Völkls after a week of skiing my new Atomics, because I had them waxed and the edges sharpened. It was like I took a step back in history.

It’s clear: I had a great time and recommend them to any good skier!
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I agree,phaasnoot, welcome to the world of happy 10.20 owners. I'm not even a 9, maybe 8ish, and enjoy mine in just about every condition, except the bulletproof stuff. That's nitpicking though, and lack of expertise. Glad to read your review! How 'bout those short turns that these "monster boards" aren't supposed to be able to do. Good luck and enjoy.
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Quick story: an friend of mine and I who used to ski alot together went the other day. He's past moved south and doesn't get much time anymore and has never tried "shapes". Subsequently, he got Xscreams as his rentals, and both having 305mm soles, he also got a shot at my rides. After trading skis for an hour before lunch, we came out of the lodge and he immediately threw down MY skis and clicked them on. "Those scream things don't do anything for me, I'll just stay on yours". Yeah, right. It was a real revelation skiing on these two different boards a couple of times during the day. Just more reinforcement that I had made the right decision. Sorry, no real point to the story, just had to share it though. Pretty much the same sidecuts and target ski category, just totally different feel and performance.
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I too just moved from P9 SL's to 10.20's. I am very happy with the switch. I have been reluctant to switch from my P9's because I have been so happy on them. I demo'd many skis during the last couple of seasons looking for a suitable replacement. I skied the rossi viper z, power t, volkl p40 and platinum, blizzard and the k2 mod series. While I enjoyed all of the skis that I tried I do not think that any of them offer as much as the 10.20. I am 5'11, 200lbs. I am 36years old and ski mostly on the east coast. I demo'd both 180's and 190's and ultimately went with the 190's.
I am finding the 10.20 to be a very stable ski, especially at speed. I am also impressed with it's quickness. I was skepticle about what I had been reading but am finding them to be very quick turners. The 10.20's are proving to be a lot of fun to be on and I too would recommend that people who are looking for a ski that seems to be able to do it all should give them a shot.
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Gonna 3rd (or 4th or 5th) those sentiments!

Got a chance to demo a nice range of mid fats lsat week in Jan/ealry Feb... since I got such good ideas from this forum - figured I'd better give some back.

30yrs old
ability - not sure 25 yrs exp. (anything but 15ft+ cliffs)

For the record - i'm an ex-racer (sl/gs) who was looking for one ski that could handle the whole mountain both east and west. Without sacrificing much of the performance I was used to on my old boards, I was looking for something that was "less work" (hangs head in shame).

3 demo days @ Vail - Unfortunately (well, at least from a testing perspective).. the conditions varied from day to day (from 16" to hardpack)

Skis - G31 187&93/X-Scream Series 180cm(?) /ModX Pro 180cmhe /10.20 180&90cm /Platinum Energy 193cm

G31 - They skied well over the broad range of conditions, probably the best crashing through crud. Also, probably the best ski i got to use in the pow. Not quite as quick edge to edge as many of the others. (no risers?) The didn't feel as clean on hardpack as I was hoping.

X-Scream - Least favorite of bunch (only gave them 3 runs on groomers) felt very sloppy and clearly too soft on the hardpack. Just not what I was looking for... (note - I didn't get to try these on a powder day, might have been best in those conditions?).

ModX Pro - a close 2nd favorite all-around ski - didn't have as much energy as the 10.20. Handled speed well, easy in the bumps.

Platinum - best cruiser (closest to my old gs boards) but really had to work shorter turns (well, compared to others anyhow - remember, I'm getting lazy). Best on sheer hardpack - really had a tough time not buying this ski.

10.20 - ended up buying these. They just fit my style like a glove. They had a fun energy that was easy to tame and hard to dislike. They would intitiate easily but not too easily (esp. compared to the X-Scream) And once they got on edge, they stayed there clean and solid on soft or hardpack with a lively kick out of the turn. Although the "medium" turn is where they really shine, all turns were easy, long or short. Powder was fun, and the crud was easy - even at speed, but some of the other skies were probably better in those areas.

There was only one thing that irked me about these babies - they got "squirrely" when trying to let them run straight and flat... just need the slightest edge to quiet it back down again. (will try detuning the tips a bit)

Overall, these boards make me ski and feel like I'm 20 again.v
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Let me first preface this by saying that I love the 10.20's. I already own a G30 and Mod X Pro, so I really didn't need to buy them.
My point is that comapring the 10.20 to other skis just isn't fair. Atomic played a dirty trick (or stroke of genius) by putting that built in lifter on the ski. With the binding, I think you get close to 30-mm of lift! I wonder how other midfats would handle with comparable set-ups?

And about the 10.20 being squirrely when running straight; I think you will be hard pressed to fix this as it is an inherent trait from such a stiff ski with so much sidecut and lift.

Boy, they are nice skis, though.<FONT size="1">

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I guess you're right about the lifter plates. May just be that's why they can do EVERYTHING: crud, fresh snow, a foot of new snow, groomed, icy and also a great amount of carving.
I am getting the hang of carving and can touch the snow in every turn (costs a lot of strength though).
May be next year they'll make a radical midfat?

One other thing that makes these skis so great in everything: the 10.20 has got the same build as the 10.22 (the racer).

My opinion is that the skis are best for people who ski with a lot of force. I am experiencing that the more you push these skis, the better they perform.<FONT size="1">

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BanditMan, this is slightly off the subject but since you posted one of the first forums regarding the Volkl G30's I thought I'd give you my take on these planks. I got to use them later in the year than I anticipated due to an injury but was very impressed. I am 5'9", 200 lbs and ski a 188cm with Rossi 140 Axial Race bindings and no lifters. I started my ski trip out of shape and ended up by having "legs of steel" after using these G30's for 6 straight days. In Utah at the Canyons and Park City I encountered many snow conditions over the seek including beaucoup hard pack, some pow, a lot of machine groomed packed powder and wind and sun-baked crud/crust. impressive in all conditions. the thing that really sums up this ski for me is it is very physically demanding. There is "no skidding allowed"--these planks require constant carving but are rather easy to get from edge to edge. Bottom line for me, the stronger you are, the better these ride. Do you agree?
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You hit it! I have been struggling for a way to say that these boards can seem like monsters to some, but to those willing to give some commitment to them, they will be the ultimate all-mtn. ride. I got the 193 length, and although I love these boards, the 188-cm length is probably the more desireable size. That being the case, a 191 is the longest that the new G3 will come in next season. That seems to be the trend next season.
Anyhow, my G30's are my pride and joy. It is never a question as to whether they can handle rough conditions, but rather, do I have it in me to pilot these boards through ugly conditions. I love how the plow through the crud, and then rip the groomers like a race ski. Let's see a X-Scream do that! A G30/31 will blow them away.
Glad to hear that someone else out there shares my sentiments!
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Had a similar experience w/ my Beta Race 9.20's...fixed it wit properly adjusting the cant of my boots.
If the skis are not perfectly flat, they turn.
Now they're nearly as stable as my old 213's =)

"There was only one thing that irked me about these babies - they got "squirrely" when trying to let them run straight and flat... just need the slightest edge to quiet it back down again. (will try detuning the tips a bit) "

"...I think you will be hard pressed to fix this as it is an inherent trait from such a stiff ski with so much sidecut and lift"
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Thanks for the insight. It is really hard to pinpoint what the problem might have been for some of these skis, especially since they were demos. I did notice that the 10.22 I tried did run straight just fine, however, many other folks that ski well have similar things to say about the 10.20 and 9.22. I think this is most noticeable on the hard snow we get at the local SoCal slopes, too.
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