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KOPPEN brand?

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I bought a Cloudveil Down Patrol jacket for around $215 on eBay. Seems to be a pretty warm insulated coat and held in generally high regard, at least amongst posters at various websites. Last night, however, I was in Dick's buying some base layer stuff, and I saw a KOPPEN brand jacket for $100. It has all of the same features as the Cloudveil jacket. . . similar count filling, powder skirt, pit zippers, pockets, water-proofing, etc. Only noticeable difference is the quality of the zippers. While I would be content with the Cloudveil coat, I much prefer the styling of the KOPPEN jacket. All technical things being equal, I'd prefer to look better. All that said, does anyone know anything about KOPPEN? They seem to be a proprietary brand at Dick's and I can't find anything online regarding quality. Anyone got any ideas?


Thanks! For what it's worth, this is only my second time skiing. My wife's family goes once a year, and this is my second winter in the family. Last year I borrowed a jacket before I knew whether or not I would like skiing and didn't wan to invest in gear if I wasn't going to be going regularly.

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Don't have any ski gear from them, but the summer gear that I have I have been very happy with. 

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Check it out!

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Yeah, I've been to Koppen's website, too. But, if you look at their retailer locator, they're all Dick's locations. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on the jacket, and return the Cloudveil jacket. If you can judge quality by putting the garment on in the store, it seems pretty substantial to me. Plus, it's $100 cheaper, which pays for most of my base layer and middle layer.

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