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Trouble fitting liners skinny ankles and heels

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OK.  I have come here to see if any one can help me sort my boots out.


I have a pair of Tecnic inferno fling boots bought new beginning of December.  I have had a load of issues with them not fitting i have very skinny heels and ankles but also a low instep.  The store which i bought them though has messed me about to no end (fitted me into the wrong boots when i was advised they where the boots for me, poor customers service etc.) but i do get free adjustment with them. However on my umpteenth visit they have reached the point where they have said that they don't think they will be able to do any more and i need custom liners.  Being a ski instructor this is currently not a financial option!  An going for my level 3 this winter i could do with boots that fit.


So the problem:

I am unable to get my boots tight enough around my ankle and heel which results in me having significant heel lift and slip forwards and backwards.  I already have additional padding on both liners around my ankle bones on both sides.  I did have heel lifts in on top of having a full board insole which goes under the custom cork liners to try and help boost me into up in my boots, but the heel lifts made me loose the feeling in my toes and didn't really help with the problem.


I currently have a really big bag of kids craft foam and a role of electrical tape and now my liners look a bit like Lego! I have tried a few things and I can get the boot to fit better but I as yet have not managed to pin my ankle and heel into the boot, any suggestions?



This picture is what the store did to my boots (right linner pictured).  Both side of my ankle both liners, the bits where there is pen is where they have punched out my boots.



This is my effort, which is on the inside of my left liner!!  I have also tried padding out the tongue but this didn't really do much so has been taken out.

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Read through the info on this page:   http://www.epicski.com/a/boot-fitting-which-boot-will-work-for-me  (copy and paste)


Pay close attention to the shell fit info and perform a shell check and get back to us.


If a boot is too big it can not be made smaller.

If a boot were too small it can be stretched to fit.


Almost all race level boots have a smaller (closer fitting) heel pocket.



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sounds like you need a lower volume boot (and see a different store/person?)


try some foam on the liner tongue, on the flex point, to help drive your heel back all the way in the boot.


where are you?  we might be able to send you toa  different shop?

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Right have done a shell fit, forwards to backwards is between 10-15mm and side to side lightly touching most of my foot till the last 25mm of my foot at the back and i am in a 26 shell or 305mm length.  The orignal boot they tried to fit me into was a Lange RS 110 26 shell but was too big and feet where swimming everywhere!  I have tried 3 boot fitters at the store and have to say i wasn't overly impressed with any of them.


I am in North Vancouver.  The padding which i added has helped a little but still feel like there is quite a lot of space.


I will have a go with padding on the tongue tomorrow.



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if you make it to banff stop by to see me?  Or Lou in calgary...


good luck, but sounds like the shell is too big / wide for what you need/want

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That is rapidly the conclusion I am reaching. Do you know anyone in whistler that may be able to help or at least be able to confirm or deny boot size issues?
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Emma has a thread in the instruction forum - that has my hacking attempt at alignment analysis. Would you gurus mind taking a look? Should I copy the post here?

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I have been up to Whistler today and seen several boot fitters all were recomended by people from either episki or from work and have unhappily been told my boots are to big.  This has confirmed the sneaking suspicion i have been gaining over the past week!  As you guys know there is very little that can successfully be done to alleviate this problem.  I am now going to start from scratch on the boot front with someone i know who did custom work on my mum's very very weird feet.  She has an arch so high you can see day light under it imagine trying to get that in to a ski boot!


Offers welcome on a pair of Technica Inferno Fling ski boots size 26 (lightly used)!!!!




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There are a number of options for you in the 95mm boot category that will be a tighter fit than what what you have. The Head B5/B3, Lange WCup ZAJ, and the Atomic Redster WC 110 are a few that you can probably find. Don't blame the Fling, it is a good boot but just not extreme in the width category. The Fling is really more for the average female foot than for one with exceptionally low volume.



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The issue is that my heal is very very skinny but my fore foot is very wide compared to it.  The boot fitters who i saw yesterday actually suggested i need a wider boot at the toe end and i have already had some work done on the front of the Flings but not enough leading them to still hurt my feet.  However i am drawing a line under the Fings, you are right they are not a bad boot and its not the boots fault that its not the one for me and my feet so will soon be making an appearance on craigslist once i have some replacements.  I have to say i am disappointed with the people who i have been dealing with in the store and has lead me to be distrusting of boot fitters, sorry guys i know you are not all like the people who i have dealt with.  So i have also draw a line under them and going to deal with people up in whistler not as local but not a million miles away and hopefully they can rebuild my trust in fitters by getting me into a boot that works for me and help me towards gain my level 3 and not make it harder than it is all ready!



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The wrong shell size part of this is what it is and really can't be fixed. However the rest of it is not as bad as you might think. Of course, I can't can't see your feet over the webz and if I could, I might say.......eek.gif. IAC, a Fling or similar shape boot, made of good plastic, can easily be given a gentle stretch in the forefoot area without compromising the heel fit.



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I'm not really sure what you would like us to do Emma?

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