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Easy Blacks at Whistler Blackcomb

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Can anyone suggest the easier blacks at WB?

Bear Paw is fine for me but my considerate son advises me against Seppo's.

Any recommendations that are a small step beyond the blues?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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There are some helpful descriptions at http://www.3dwhistler.com/


For example, the description for Bear Paw is "An 'easy' black as it is only steep in a few places, with the rest being quite mellow terrain. Watch out for cross-ditches during early season or low snow years."

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My recollection is a little vague, but Dave Murray Downhill is rated black, but is typically pretty easy. Also, I think there's a run called Raven that is a short easy black. 

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Agree on Dave Murray. It's groomed and wide and not really that steep, for a black. It was the first black I ever skied. I'm trying to remember if Whistler grooms any other blacks but I can't think of one.

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If you're looking for groomed blacks then the above examples (DM and Bear Paw) are fine but they can get pretty ugly by the end of a day after a couple of thousand skiers. 

There are a number of runs off of Harmony Ridge which have a more open bowl feel (Boomer Bowl and Kaleidoscope) yet if you feel uncomfortable, you can get back onto very mellow terrain easily.  These are great runs after some snowfall but can turn into big bump-fests a couple days post-snow.  Most un-groomed blacks follow this pattern.  Amazing right after a dump of snow, but become bumped out after a day (or two/three). 

On Blackcomb off of 7th Heaven, Lakeside Bowl has some "black" terrain which is great after some fresh snow.  Pretty wide open and the terrain is only somewhat steep near the top of the traverse in.  Skiing near the first and second set of avy gates usually provides for some good turns. 

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Seppos is weird - cliffy and with an intense double fall line.  Most of the blacks, even the bumpy ones, are easier than that.  The ones near the bottom of the Solar Coaster area are more easy ones, even the Crystal Chair line isn't too tough.  Bagel bowl area too, though don't drop in earlier to the West bowl area, that's steeper.

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I've only been there once but it seemed to me that below the alpine zone all the blues were groomed and the blacks were not and were mogul runs--Dave Murray was partly goomed.  So there was a big gap in difficulty.  This was a big snow year in the middle of a storm cycle, and we spent most of our time in the alpine, so I don't know if my observations are representative. The Horstman glacier run, if there's fresh snow is about as mellow an off piste run as I've run into.  

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Thanks everyone for your help.

We are 5-6 days now with no new snow so I've learned firsthand about the ungroomed blacks and the bowls turning into mogul runs. Tomorrow is my last day this time around so I'm not going to be too brave.

Unfortunately I can't get 3d Whistler here on my tablet but I'll check it out when I get home.
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