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Volkl Kendo

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I have a pair of Rossi S3's with touring binding for powder and back country but they are lousy on groomers.  I tried the Kendo going mostly from reviews and recomendations.  I am thrilled with them.  On groomers and even bulletproof hardpack the edge hold is very good and the biggest surprise is they are so quick edge to edge.  Did not expect that from a mid fat with very little sidecut.  In fact they turn so quick at first I was caught by surprise.  I cranked a deep turn at high speed and started to over rotate.  I decided to go with it so as not to risk a fall.  Then I was skiing backwards at high speed!  I kept going around and inadvertently cranked a 360 at speed, certainly not what I wanted and won't try it again!


They hold at speed quite well and I was only able to max them out going very fast on very hard snow.  I skiied 12" of powder last week and although their flotation was not as good as the S3, they were fine,  And, a ton of  fun in bumps and glades because they turn so quick and easy.


This is the closest I have seen for one ski that will do almost everything reasnably well.

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Thrilling. Sums it up!
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Yeah, I agree this ski is a great choice as an all around ski. I enjoy them just as much in the bumps and trees as bombing GS turns down groomers....good combo of light, quick and stable. 


I'll take your word that it also does great high speed 360's....think I'll try to avoid those!

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