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Sprained mcl

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Hello.  Two weeks ago I fell skiing and twisted my knee.  When I went in to the ER, I was told that I sprained my mcl and that I could ski again in 1-2 weeks.  It has been feeling better everyday and the range of motion has also increased everyday, however, up until 2 days ago my knee still looked like I had a case of elephantiasis.  The swelling has finally started to go down and my knee is starting to look somewhat normal again but I am wondering how will I know when I can ski again?  I plan on seeing a doctor tomorrow and am fairly confident that they will tell me I can ski again.  However, I am a little nervous because the last thing I want to do is re-injure it further and be out the rest of the season but I am very impatient and anxious to get back on the slopes.  Any advice? 

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Listen to your Dr.!  A sprained MCL is a partially torn MCL.  Unlike the ACL, it gets blood flow and can heal.  Listen to your Dr. but also listen to your body.  It will let you know if you are not ready.

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I had a partial tear one season, popped it on the back side of Copper. Was out for about 3wks and had to wear a brace. Even when given the green light by your doctor, consider wearing a supported brace (ones with metal or plastic) on it for the rest of this season. 


When I did get back on the slopes (in time for spring skiing) my knee felt unstable, You should ask your doc about some gym time to strengthen the knee before hitting the slopes at your previous level of exertion.

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I am no doctor but I sprained my MCL a couple of years ago and the doctor told me that one of the tell tale signs of an MCL injury versus an ACL injury is that there is usually very little swelling with an MCL tear.  I don't mean to create unnecessary stress and I really have no independent knowledge on the subject but I would definitely not do anything significant until you got back into your doctor.

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