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Rossi E 88 binding location

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I mounted some tele bindings on 178 Rossi E88 according to the boot center mark on the ski.  They ski like the binding position is way forward. It feels  and looks like I have 160's in the tip and 200's in the tail.  It is less notable  parallel skiing on groomers but in the crude the tail gets caught in the turn and the tip is a bit hooky.  Compared to the binding position on My K2 Coombacks the Rossi position is over 3inches forward(as it is with just about every other ski I compare them with).  I plan to redrill the skis and move the binding back. Any tips on how far back is good?  I'm thinking maybe 4 centimeters +/-.  Anybody have any experience with the Experience 88's?

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I bought a pair of 178cm E88's in December. I have a place in Whistler and use them there. I have found them to be hooky (mostly in the tail especially). When skiing them I also feel like the binding is too far forward although I haven't checked that against other skis yet. I was in Whistler in December but not returning until next week so will check more then. My style of skiing is generally a carver (ex master racer) however I like to smear some turns and this ski will not permit it.


I'm taking them in to check the base bevel angle - the thought is that it might be only .5 degree instead of 1 degree. Let me know how it works out if you move the binding position back.

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I finally remounted the Rossi e88s. I moved the binding back 3cm. Quite a different ski now.  I lost a little bit of quickness in initiating turns (still easy to turn but more of a GS feel) and groomer performance. But I gained a ton in crud and bump performance.  The tails don't hook or hang up in the crud or on the bumps like they did before. I can actually smear  a turn a little bit in the bumps. I  am probably a little behind the sweet spot but closer to it than Rossi's recommended location.  I would recommend 1 cm or 1 1/2 back for groomed skiing  and 1 1/2 to 2 for all mountain skiing or telemark bindings.  My desire is to have an all-round ski for Sun Valley groomers, bumps and light crud  and leave the powder and deep snow for a fat ski. They are definitely a better all round tool now. Also, I think that a bit of hooking is inevitable with the e88s, because the sidecut continues into the rockered tip and tail portion, so if the rocker is suddenly engaged (tip or tail) in crud or on the side of a steep bump then it reacts  by grabbing.  So.  Move 'em back!  And good luck.

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he's talking about a tele binding, btw., on a specialized alpine ski. disregard this info on binding location.

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Back now in Whistler. I detuned the edges at the back of the ski from around the rocker point back with a stone. That did the trick as far as the hooky feeling.  With these skis you have to ski centered and not get in the back seat one bit.  Stay forward and keep pressuring the tips. They ski great!

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