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Dalbello SGS PRO

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5'8" 170lb Advanced skier

I just got a pair of these boots and skied with them this morning. They are incredible.
My stance must have been off more than I realized because they certainly made a difference in how easy it was to carve. The added leverage from the lift in the height of the boot probably also helps.
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I'm curious about these Dalbello SGS boots. Does the sole canting mechanism ever loosen up after it's been tighten? I would think that hard skiing could loosen it and cause serious problems.

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The sole mechanism has some sort of ratcheting locking device in it. It takes a special tool to loosen it so that it can be readjusted. Mine have been skied for about 10 days with no sign of loosening.

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Hal B,

Today, I went to one of my favorite ski shops looking for after season bargains. I was interested in the sale price on a Dalbello SGS Vario. I was told by the ski shop that all their Dalbello SGS have been boxed up and returned to Dalbello. Apparently, the canting sole adjustment mechanism loosens up. Likewise, I was told an upgrade kit is available from Dalbello to correct boots already sold. You might want to pick up an upgrade kit for you SGS.
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Thanks for the heads up about the loosening problem. My boots haven't given me any problem but shop boot fitter just told me on Sunday when I ran into him on the hill to bring my boots in for the upgrade.
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To Hal and CJ,

I know its post season, so I don't even know if you are hitting on this web site at all, but I do have a couple of questions.

Didn't you find the SGS's somewhat clunky and heavier than most boots. Alao are either of you using custom insoles, footbeds, or orthodics ?<FONT size="1">

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The SGS's are heavier than other boots but I don't notice it while skiing. I use Superfeet custom footbeds. I find that carving, for me, is easier with these boots than any others I have used. It is probably mostly due to correct alignment but I think the added lift also is a factor. Hal
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Thanks Hal, when I am ready for my next pair of boots, they are on my list.
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What type of feet do these boots fit? Also if your in colorado apparently Le Ski Lab is excellent and he only sells dalbellos. I believe he has a web page.
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I guess I would say my feet are average width. These boots use a liner that is heated to conform to your foot and a tongue that is made by Zip Fit. I have skied them around 60-70 days and so far they haven't packed out.
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I was set to buy the SGS Vario, but as mentioned before all the Dalbellos SGS in the shop I was in had been sent back. Instead I got a good deal on a pair of Raichle Flexon Originals. Then I installed new Superfeet orthotics into them. I haven't tried them yet. But I'll be using them for glacier skiing at Mt. Hood this July and Portillo this August.

When the liners in my Rossignol boots packed out this past winter, I purchased Dalbello liners to get me through the season. They are excellent liners and I was using Sven Comer orthotics in them. After the winter season, I purchased the Flexons to upgrade to a better fitting and adjusting shell.
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Even with the orthodics, you should still have your alignemnt checked out.

Post and let us know about your glacial and Chilean skiing experiences.

Happy Skiing, you lucky dawg !<FONT size="1">

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