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@ John Strider


Why not call the manufacturers of some models listed below to get an idea of what is suitable for your work area? Or perhaps SnoWonder can make a specific recommendation.

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I am looking at upgrading my waxing area, which is unfortunately in my basement (about 500 sq ft) which is not well separated form the rest of the house.  Using hydrocarbon wax (mainly cold hard wax), though it may be nice to use LF wax on occasion but currently have limited air exchange. Would like to install an air cleaner / collection system to deal with particles, smoke, and fumes, especially since I am thinking of going with a roto brush setup next year. Typically waxing 4-6 pairs of skis 2-3 times a week with multiple applications, sometimes more sometimes less.


Does anyone know what is the filtering capacity required for the different issues?  It is fairly easy to get 2 stage units with 5 micron prefilter and 1 micron secondary filter ie  , but is 1 micron adequate for dealing with hydrocarbon smoke or do you need to go to HEPA (.3 micron) and the associated drop in air flow? Or would a carbon filter deal with the smoke adequately?


For LF fumes would adding a charcoal furnace filter to the system (behind a prefilter so not to clog it) be adequate, or is a direct air extraction needed (I'm assuming HEPA would not be adequate for LF Fumes)?



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