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The East is Skiing Great, Thanks for Asking

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Skied 4 days out of the past 7 at Gore Mtn. NY.  With two big snow storms since Christmas, conditions are absolutely fantastic.  Gore had 100% of its terrain open today, including all of its glades.  I was skiing through powder that was above my kneecap in the woods yesterday. 


All in all, a great end to 2012 and a fantastic beginning to 2013.  Many of the NY, VT, NH and Maine ski areas that are north of Albany, NY are experiencing similarly good conditions.


After a slow start, this is definitely looking like a great winter to Ski the East!



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I have been at Middlebury College Snowbowl for 20 years and we have never had all lifts and trails open for Xmas week until this year. What a week to be out skiing here in the east. One of our snowboard instructors was telling me yesterday that she rode a different line each time she went into our glades and I know that is a huge change from just 5 years ago. Now we are boundary to boundary and with all this snow so much stuff is open it is hard to sample it all. Hope everyone had a great Xmas week and it continues right thru to April.

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I had a blast at Pat's Peak today and Crotched on Saturday - been great to see some real snow and fully open mountains! Can't wait to see what the coming months bring us!!!
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Stowe is fantastic right now... Haven't seen this much snow on New Years in a very long time!! Hoping this weather pattern keeps up!

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My season's pass paid for itself before 2012 ended. Perfect night skiing on New Year's Eve was a nice bonus. It's been beautiful.

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So glad I pulled the trigger on a pass this season.  Sugarbush has been excellent.  Making a lot of mental notes for the East Coast Gathering later this year.

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Just got home from a snow filled week of skiing 4 mountains in 7 days.  Smugglers Notch, Le Massif, Mont Ste Anne, Jay Peak. TIme to crash.

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Gore has been looking so good!!!!!  First day of that thaw we saw giant HERO TURNS on Lies.  Softy soft. The weekend ended alright.  heres hoping they get some of that 3 to 6 thas gonna hit Albany!!!  WELCOME BACK WINTER!!!

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Heading to The Whiteface for mlk weekend.  Anyone been there recently?  this thaw wasnt to bad, i got my fingers crossed they are gonna blanket the brown spots by the time I get there.

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