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The Mahres used a lot of "good turn / bad turn" training. The theory goes something like what you describe with the fascinating addition of experimenting with known movement errors and that helps us identify where we are in relation to that magical zone. So by moving into and out of that zone, we are eventually more likely to make the appropriate semi conscious movements that would get us back into that zone. From the perspective of the mind, it's this experimenting with conscious incompetence that allows us to eventually move to unconscious competence. A state we see commonly among racers and other competitive skiers but not nearly as frequently in recreational skiers. It's even rarer in ski school classes where the strong focus is on movements and learning which movements are most likely to produce our intended outcomes. It is through a balance of activities that we can first experience the middle of that zone and then through exploring, we can discover the threshold and edges of that zone. What that experience offers us is a chance to develop more confidence since through experimenting we discovered the fact that even when we are temporarily outside of that zone, it's just not the traumatic event so many fear. All we need to do is a corrective move so we get back inside that zone. Flirting with the edges of that zone is IMO where the most fun on skis can be found. But we have to believe in our minds that we can successfully move between those two states.

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I like what you just said, JASP.

I'm thinking about parameter skiing, where you tweak one element of skiing that you're playing around with all the way in one direction, then tweak it all the way in another, then mess around in the middle (for example, fore and aft initiations).  That way you explore all possibilities, and find your best options.  Are you talking about something like that?


Can you supplement what you are thinking of with an example?

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that is interesting, Jasp...liquid, nice question. there are times when we will make several turns with exaggerated counter, tip lead, angulation, etc...where less would be indicated. then several more where more would be indicated. doing this to "feel" the effects. then several more with proper doses of the above movements....sort of like finding the center. prior to his awakening, it is said that (not to offend any ones prefferences, here...only to highlight my point smile.gif) the buddah overheard a music teacher telling his student who was having difficulties "if you tighten the string too much, it will snap. if you leave it too slack, it wont play". kind of a cool way to say it, i think. not sure if this is what Jasp was alluding to, but it sounds ok...


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