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Atomic R:9.22 vs Vertigo G3...opinons?

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I'm about to retire my Vertigo G31s (177) and am looking into new skis. So, I thought that I'd see what the general opinion of these two skis is. For reference, I'm 5'6" 175lbs with boots, ski about 40% groomed (hard pack and ice) and 60% crud, bumps, and powder (foot deep at the very most). If any has skied both or even one of these skies AND the G31, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the performance differences in different conditions. Also, if you are wondering why I am going to a shorter ski, I'm getting older and speed is less important...also looking for a little quicker turn especially in some bumps.
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Ok nasaguy I'll take a stab at this. Keep in mind it has been a couple of years since i skied the G3. First The R9 and G3 are both fine skis.The one thing I have found with Volkl is that they tend to have a brittle feel. I noticed a lot of vibration,yet the ski had great snow contact. Also they can be vary demanding.They tend to want to stick to one turn shape. the end of the day I could feel that I had been"working" for my rewards.Yeah I had a smile on my face but my legs were tired.
The AtomicR9 is really afun ski. i liked this ski a lot.It has asmoother ride then the G3 But it is still livily. It might be a tad less demanding then the G3. On groomers The G3 is the better ski. In Bumps I would go with the R9. In crud? maybe the R 9 but both are vary good crud busters.
My vote would be for the R9 over the G3.
Ok now I'm going to add a couple of other skis that you should demo. My top pick of any all mountain ski is the Atomic R11. If I could have just one ski Thats the one I would go with. The R11 had me looking for terrain That was way outside my comfort zone. Another ski that I have skied since it was first bought out is the K2 Modx/AxisX. Like you I'm no spring chicken and a smooth rideing less demanding ski is a joy. I have skied The Modx in just about every condition and everything from green runs to Double black moguls to Oh my god! steeps. They are a great ski. The K2 doesn't have the edge of either The Atomic or Volkl. and The Atomic and Volkl in my opinion are better at alot of task. Yet overall The K2 is a wonderful ski. For what it's worth Thats my take on things.
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I love my G3's 177cm, they are from 2001/2002, not the 02/03 model. Mine give a very soft ride, I'm 48 y/o. I have heard from one person that the 02/03 is different from the 01/02 model. Mine are great everwhere I take them, I find them to be the best bump ski I had. I'm coming off the G31, and G30 before that.

Utah49 which model did you ski?

I have skied the 04' AX3 and felt it was alot like my G3.

I have replied to other post here so you can look through some to find my likes and dislikes.

Another ski which I liked is the 04 Elan M10.

nasaguy, you should try skis in the 168cm area, maybe even 163cm. 177cm is more ski then you need.
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Thanks for the input so far. I am actually looking to go to a 170 cm ski for my next ski. Since I am trying to catch a good deal on end of season skis as well as catch the G3 before it might be replaced by the 7/24(?), I wanted to get some feedback as I won't have a chance to demo either ski before this season ends. My G31s had great grip, but I was amazed at how heavy it was compared to a pair of Salomon X-Screams that I demoed. So, now I am looking for something that's a little bit easier to ski but still has some serious performance if I want it.
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I currently ski two year old 9.22s that I like a lot - never been on G3s. The point of the post is that my son (5'11 and 180 pounds) just spent a week on 1080 Spaceframes in 171cm on and off piste in Val d'Isere (everything except powder) and loved them. The reviews say they are good in powder, they are certainly much wider than the old model. Sorry if this is off the point, but if I were changing, I would consider them. Maybe others have different experiences.
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nasaguy, if you can find the G3 in 170cm buy it, it is a better ski than the G31. I have seen them for around $450. that short lenght may be hard to find. Don't know where your from but try calling Shon at Northern Ski works, 802 228 3344 he is off Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Another shop is Competative edge 413 737 7495. Both shops carry both brands.
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I tried the '03 G3 (motion) and the R 1120 at Whistler recently. The Atomic much more fluid in 'contour', bumps, ridges and just easy fun, but NOT as comfortable at real speed. The Volkl superb at speed and has edge (even ice!) grip that is uncanny on any kind of turn. Both very good in crud, the G3 probably best overall.
But I just tried the 724 Pro too. Only got two runs in on crud (ankle to calf deep chopped). I'd want to see how it did on real hard pack, but the effortless stability I experienced on these might be worth spending for. And posts I've seen elsewhere indicate that downsizing like you're considering would be recommended for these anyway!
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I'm making an assumption but from what I've seen the G3 is simply getting renamed the 24/7 AX 3 and the G4 is becoming the 24/7 AX 4. The 24/7 Pro is completely new here's a link to a site with pictures descriptions and accounts(its in Czeck but you'll get the idea) http://www.voelkl.cz/
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