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Atomic liner questions.

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(new post, as it has become off-topic to my original post "Dreamliners in M-Tech boots")


I ordered a pair of new ASY Pro liners to replace the original liners in my 2007 Atomic M-Techs 90, size mondo 28.0.


The liners finally arrived at the shop, but they are size 28.5 instead of the 28.0 I wanted/ordered.


I tried them on in my shells and they could be a bit tighter in the forefoot, considering they will expand a bit.

Lengthwise they are exactly the same as my original 28.0 liners.


I have the following questions (guys at the shop were unable to answer, unfortunately):


- Am I correct to think a 28.0 liner would have the same length but would be a bit more padded to reduce volume, or is it the exact same liner as a 28.5 (that's what the guys at the shop told me, but I have some doubts about this) ?


- I also compared with the ASY Comp liner in the 2012 M-Tech 90's they had at the shop (28.0) : the Pro liner (28.5) seemed larger in the forefoot than the ASY Comp liner (and than my original liner).  Is this because of the different size, or just the fact that I compare 2 different types of liners (Comp vs. Pro) ?  I expected the Pro to be "tighter" than the Comp.


- Final question: do the different Atomic boot models (Hawx, M-Tech, Redster, ...) use the same liners, or does Atomic make different liners for the different boot models ?  Otherwise said: is the Pro liner in a Hawx 100 the same as in a LF120 or a Burner 120, even when these have different last width ?


Thanks, and happy new year !

(Lots of snow here in Québec, brilliant !)



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Boot manufacturers create the illusion of a smaller boot by thickening up the insole pad in the bottom of the boot to tighten up the fit


no other differences anywhere in the boot.


the boots you mentioned will have different liners as the flex index moves upward.  The 100 liner will be less dense than a 120 liner, therefor

the 120 liner will not pack out as easily (quickly) over time and the boot will be more sensitive to ski with.



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