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Dynastar Intuitive 69C

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6'3", 195 lbs, expert

Had a chance to try this ski over the weekend at Mammoth back to back with the Mod X and Mod X Pro. The Dynastar is a good ski, but not overwhelmingly so. The Dynastar rep recommended that it be skied short, so I went with a 182. I found the ski to be easy to turn, but unstable at speed. The instability may have been more a function of the size of the ski than the qulaity of it. Unfortunately, there were no 188's to be had. The overall impression of the ski was that of a good intermediate without a whole lot of top end horsepower. I still prefer the Mod X and Mod X Pro in overall performance. I have now skied all 3 Autodrive models in various lengths and have yet to see the advanatge of the technology. Seems like hype to me. Anyone else out there skied the new Dyanastar? I would be curious to hear your impressions.
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I demoed the Intuitives in January and for me it was like suddenly skiing the way I was meant to. I plowed through everything at high speeds and crushed the powdery bumps. They seem a bit sluggish to leave the ground so I stayed out of the jumps that day. I bought a pair of Atomic ride 9.22's and wish they had the dampening of the Intuitives.
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At 5'8 174, the Intuitive was great for me. Was trying out on the WV cement in Dec and was amazed at the edge hold at speed. Little chattery, but still held the turn with no slippage. For a midfat, I was impressed. Quick edge to edge over in the crud on the sides as well. I recommend giving them a try.
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