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Just finished my second day at Taos for the season. So far it has been a great trip!




Boots:  Lange RX-130 


I went to the Boot Doctors at the ski valley and got fitted with Lange RX-130 boots. More than I had wanted to spend but I figure it will be worth it in the long run.


The custom footbed was great, but the boots needed some additional tweaking at the end of the day, numb toes and a few pressure points ( I have odd feet). The guys at Boot Doctors were extremely patient and helpful! 


Today was Great!. Almost no pain in the feet (some residual sensitivity from the first day), and only a hint of circulation restriction (I feel like this sorted itself out by the end of the day).


My biggest concern is the shell leaking. I have been leaving the bottom two buckles fairly loose so this could be the issue, but I have heard this is a common issue with this model. Not exactly what I want to hear after dropping over $750 on new boots......



Skis: Dynastar Cham-97    184 cm


I have been loving these skis!


1st day had pretty decent conditions but fairly packed in some areas. This didn't seem to be the cham-97's best environment. Not the best carving ski I've been on but not terrible. It was extremely stable at high speeds going down lonestar and other runs. 


Today we had a ton of fresh snow, and the skis worked beautifully. I always seem to miss the big snowfalls so I don't have a lot to compare to, but the Cham's seemed like an excellent ski for the somewhat deep powder. 


SKis performed very well in the bumps. They felt 


Overall I loved the skis and hope I can find them on sale in the offseason. Or I might just go ahead and grab a pair before I leave tomorrow.....






Thanks to everybody on here for all of the advice!