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Review: Climbing Skins Direct

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I had an original pair of skins from CSD. The old ones were originally trimmed for a pair of Nordica Beasts and had been used on my Blizzi The Ones for the last 2 years - despite the lack of wall to wall coverage. I ended up deciding to get some wall to wall skins becuase I was having alot of issues doing kick turns on frozen / dog pocked skin tracks.


I notice that the skins seem more beefy and the plush seems longer and material a bit stiffer than the old model. Its pretty much indistinguishable from the BD Ascension orange material. The glue is also seems a lot stronger and has a glue free patch in the middle. I also like the improvements made to the attachment mechanism. 


Got them cut last night and did a few hour tour of about 2000' vert this afternoon.  It was a west facing run between 30 and 35* surface snow was recrystalized pow and hoar frost with a supportable layer about 4-8" down. The skin track was blown in when I got there at 11AM and I think people had set an alternative track elsewhere. The grip was superb. Glide was only slightly reduced from the old ones. Overall, they seem improved in every way vice what I had been using. 


I used to be hesitant to recommend CSD over the BD ascension, but with the improvements. I am really stoked on these skins. *****.

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I have few pairs and like them a lot.  They are a local company for me and I can order them and pick them up in Wilson the same day.

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Question: am going on a trip with friends in Bormio in one week. We will be doing some side country tours (not too lengthy) and need to get some skins. I have 173 Bonefides and wonder which skins and what size/width you can recommend to me. Much appreciated.
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Thanks for the info.  I've always run em straight and have had the same issues.  Will be buying a new set and trimming to fit. 

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