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Been up at Nub's Nob in northern Michigan since Thursday.  Brought 4 pair of skis I own and really found something very interesting.  All my favorite skis are Lines.  I bougth my first pair of Lines in 2010.  A pair of Prophet 100's in 172.  I still own them but didn't bring them up with me.  I brought up my:


2012 Line Influence 105's in 179

2013 Line Mr. Pollard's Opus in 178

2013 Blizzard Bonafides in 180

2013 Kastle LX82's in 172


I skiied all 5 days and would ski one ski for a few hours and then switch them up.  Usually rode 3 skis a day.  What really shocked me is I didn't care for the way the Bonafide skiied at all.  After reading all the hype and reviews I thought I'd love it but in the end for that size underfoot ski I thought the Influence 105 was way more my thing.   I found that the Influence 105 just seemed to turn with no effort.  I felt the Bonafides seemed to take way more energy and they didn't seem to turn nearly as quick as my 105's.  While the 105's turned way quicker I didn't feel I lost any charging ability.  So in essence I got all the big mountain feel out of the 105's that the Bonafides had with a quicker turning ski.  So I am definitely selling the Bonafides. 


Then when I skiied the MPO's I found for such a fat ski they turned almost as quick as the Influences.  They might actually be my favorite ski of alltime.  They turned and skiied so awesome I couldn't believe it.  And that is on Michigan snow.  It wasn't ice but it sure wasn't soft either.  I was so shocked at how great they turned it blew me away.


The Kastle's were the easiest to ski and used them mostly after 4-5 hours on the bigger skis to give my legs a break.  They are also the perfect ski to tour around in with my kids who are 14, 12 and 6.  They just turn on a dime.  I am very happy I bought those skis.


In the end I am really happy with my quiver and once the Bonafides sell I might even add the Sir Francis Bacon's just to have another really playful ski that is alittle narrower than the MPO's.  Again I was really allset to love the Bones but they just didn't do it for me.  The one thing all the skis I love have in common are their turning radius.  They are between 16-18 and the Bones are 21 so maybe I have found my sweet spot when it comes to turning radius.