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Atomic Beta Ride 9.22

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Awesome, that's all I can say.

They make me feel like I'm in the cockpit of an F-16. They bust through everything as I tear down the Squaw Valley terrain, while still being extremely quick and agile. I love it.

Happy airtime!
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I recently demo'ed the Beta-Ride 9.22 in the east at 180 cm and was totally blown away!! Rebound, Grip, Short turn on hard pack steeps was truly amazing!

Funny that my prior demo of the Ti - BR 10.20
left me impressed but highly wary of that model as an all terrain ski. too heavy and too much precision required.

I am really about to buy the BR 9.22 (w/carbon), but have not had the chance to try them in bumps, crud, or deep snow. The profile/width looks great for western bowls, but the wide tails make me wonder about fall line bumpin'

Any feedback you can give me?
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Don't agonize over it. Just buy the mothers and be in the happy way. An unedited note from my experiences at last years dealer demo in Bend reads:

Atomic Beta Ride 9.22 Hyper Carbon Light Super Light 180 cm
Initiates very differently than the 10.20. Much quicker, lighter feeling. Probably has a much higher fun quotient for most skiers. Performs a variety of turn radii. Accepting of mistakes, you can be forward or aft and not pay too high a price. Wide performance range. This skier might also be considering an X-Scream 9. Great choice for the NW skier.

Take it, leave it, throw it away. Your mileage may vary. Whatever you think.

I liked the ski and I have recommended them to many of my customers. No complaints.


PS....I skied them in bumps and liked them. Excellent compromise (which every ski must do). If I was shopping for a bump-only ski it wouldn't be my choice but for an all mountain board that has to validate my ego and my ticket purchase in the bumps I would be fine with it.
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I love the way my 9.22's run through crud and pow. They easily push through the cut up stuff, and because they're so quick and agile you can really rip.
i love em.

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I love mine too..They're an awesome all around ski that you'll love in any terrain. FUN, FUN, FUN! I think the previous poster said it best; there are certainly better bump skis out there, but you can put in a great showing on these and have a blast doing it. In particular, they are so stable but quick (two typically at-odds qualities) that you can get away with a lot; I find myself launching off of bumps instead of skiing the troughs much more often, for instance. Then you can lay some fast GS turns when you run out of bumps, or go find some soft stuff.

I think they've taken my skiing up to a different energy level, but part of that is that I've been able to ski more (still not nearly enough) this year than last...

btw, I'm not sure that a quick demo or even a couple of days use would show these skis in the best light. For me, it took a few days before I really got into them. They want to be ridden pretty agreessivly, IMO, though they do respond to subtlty. Especially for short, quick turns, they like to be stomped on. If you're quick, they're quick. If you're lazy, they're lazy..that kind of ski. JMHO...
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I loved these skis as soon as I got them, BUT I did not realize how great they truly were until I broke one and had to ski on other stuff. I can't wait to get the replacement (I was cool on the warranty piece and my 'home shop' is a lot of real cool guys so they took care of me).
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