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Jon Shefftz

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I dont quite know why i'm telling you this, but i find it more than a little amusing that you're a ski coach and an economics professor (my assumption off you saying you're an economist)... I just took a microecon course at Harvard ssp this summer and i love econ... hmm nevermind. do you teach any summer school courses around boston? I want to take Macro this summer. at any rate i have to go. Deerfield has provided another liberal speaker to denounce the big evil media corporations in America. I love how people critisize corporations for providing what the country demands. Damn capitalists. I digress. imma go listen to the guy.

It's not bragging if it's true - Mohammed Ali

If life was easy everyone would be successful.
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Glytch, close, but no cigar: when I graduated from college and went into an Economics Ph.D. program, my ultimate plan was to teach at a small liberal arts college somewhere in New England and also be the Assistant Coach of the ski team in my spare time. But I disliked the Ph.D. program, so I transfered into a Master's program in Public Policy, where I continued to study economics (albeit at a more practical level), have since then (wow, 8.5 yrs, how time flies!) worked for an economics and public policy consulting (which fortunately still allows me enough time to coach on the side).

I'm glad someone else here is reading Backcountry magazine. Look for a similar letter in Couloir magazine, which published the same ad, except as a two-page spread right at the front of the magazine. The letter follows below, and if you e-mail me (jshefftz@mit.edu) I can send you the original ad, which the advertising firm provided to me since they liked my letter so much.

* * * *

Thank you for your tribute (I think) in your recent Backcountry magazine half-page advertisement, which asserted that your new ski binding is "What the MIT telemark team would use if MIT had a telemark team."

Although MIT is one of only about 40-or-so NCAA institutions in the entire nation to sponsor a varsity ski racing team (including competition for both men and women, alpine and nordic), you are correct that we have no telemark team. Come to think of it, I am not sure that any collegiate telemark teams even exist.

But either way, thanks for thinking of us in the skiing context.

Yours in cutting-edge technology,

Jonathan S. Shefftz
MIT Varsity Skiing Coach
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