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I think Ive widdled down my choices to the MX 88, RTM 80 or the Rev 80.


First of all my skiing is done on the east coast, New Hampshire/Maine. I would consider myself advanced intermediate as Ive been skiing for 30 years however Im only able to get out around 10-12 times a year. Most of my skiing is on groomed trails not to overly aggressive skier as Im getting older. Im 6'5 and 245.


I demoed the mX 88 last year and really liked them and recently demoed the Rev 80 which I liked as well. I have not tried the RTM 80's they were a suggestion from a local ski shop.


In my research it appears the mx 88 are far and away the better ski but with the amount of skiing I do Im trying to figure out if I should forgo the difference in price for one of the other skis.


Im still skiing on my old K2 about ten years old so any of these will be obviously much better.


Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Feel free to confuse me some more and make other suggestions as well. Im definitely trying to find the best bang for my buck based mostly on the number of times a year I ski. I think if money were no object I would ultimately go to the MX 83.