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used Atomic c:6 Carv skis

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I'm an intermediate skier (6'10" tall; 210 lbs) on the East Coast of Canada; I enjoy skiing on both groomed and ungroomed/mogul terrain.  I'm considering buying some used Atomic C:6 Carv skis (170cm long) listed at $150.  I think they're about 5 or 6 years old.  I don't know anything about these skis (can't find any information online, really).  I'm not sure about the bindings.  I'm not looking to spend a lot of money (my budget is $200 or less)  Has anyone had any experience with these skis?  Any recommendations? Thanks!

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I'm guessing. The c6 is an intermediate level carving ski from the early part of the last decade. If I recall correctly, it was sold with an Atomic system binding.

If you plan on buying the skis, you might want to check the bindings on them. There are some bindings that shops cannot legally work on due to age whether or not they have used much.

If you can find out about what the bindings are, feel free to ask on the forum if they are indemnifiable.


Edit: Those skis may be short for you. You may want to find something closer to 180 due to your size.
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You are 6'10" tall? Anyway,they are a Intermediate ski and 170cm is too small for your size.

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I would be hesitant on those Device bindings. Heels have a reputation of breaking. Back in the day, I had to warranty a few of them.
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Thanks for the feedback, everyone.  I did end up getting the skis today, before I read any of your comments (I know they're a bit on the short-side, for me; but I'm OK with that).  The bindings are SL100 Tyrolia.

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Oops -- I just noticed, in reading the replies, that I hit the wrong key when I gave my height!  I'm 5'10" -- *not* 6'10".  I think 170's are OK for me; though, even at 5'10" (I weight about 210 lbs), I was thinking of moving up to 180's.  Anyway, thanks again for the feedback!



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