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Magic Mountain VT - Chair Problems?!

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Anybody know what's going on with the red chair (only chair to the top) at Magic?  I was planning on skiing there today, but saw a post on their web site this morning apologizing for the "major inconvenience" with the red chair yesterday.  Now the site says they will be closed tomorrow and Tuesday for chair repairs.


I love the mountain, but leery about going back if the old chair is being held together with duct tape and a prayer...

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I love the place too and I know nothing about the current situation, but if they're closing on 2 of what should be their busiest days of the season, I'm thinking they're going beyond duct tape and a prayer.
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Magic posted the below explanation on Facebook.  Fingers crossed that they are up and running for next weekend and no more lift problems...


"Dear Magic Customers:

I am writing to provide you all an update on the status of the lifts and unfortunately the news is not good. We need to replace one of the brake systems on the Red Chair which requires procuring a part from Utah and, after installation, an updated inspection. We will make every effort to expedite this repair, but we will not be able to open for the next two days.

With respect to the Black Chair, it is not approved yet because the lift inspector has provided an extensive punch list of items which will take some time to complete.

I would like to apologize to the friends and fans of Magic. We have been hit with some extremely bad luck in terms of the Red Chair failure, but ultimately I am responsible for delivering a reliable product, and on that front I have failed. I understand the level of frustration and disappointment that people are feeling, and will assure you all that I and my team will make every effort to repair the lifts and get the mountain open again as soon as possible. I will personally keep you all updated on all developments, and will provide a time frame for you all as soon as I am able to do so with some certainty. Thank you.

Jim Sullivan


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There was a mechanical failure of the braking system on the main shaft of the Red Chair.  There was still an emergency brake that worked when the deliberate brake  tests failed.  The managemetn decided to close the lift rather than risk patrons' safety with only one braking system.  The repair parts have been installed and the lift inspector will be available tomorrow for a full test, including a load test.  It will be fine.  Things break, especially old things.


The Black Chair (the backup) passed its inspection last year but there was a new sheriff (lift inspector) in town this year who didn't agree with the previous inspector.  There is a fix in the works, but it's very labor intensive and Magic's focus has been on getting the Red Chair back up.  I've heard maybe by MLK weekend.


Magic should be open for business on Saturday.  The only people that have been skiing on the snow that fell after Saturday morning are the skinners and a few sledders but there's a lot of snow still out there.  I only took one run on Monday.

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