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5' 9"
180 lbs

I demoed these over Christmas at Winter Park.

At first they felt really odd, sort of not connected to the snow or my feet. But after a few runs I found they carv really well from slow to fast speeds and float great. Handled heavy junk to light powder very well. I surfed through the powder while others with me had trouble with it.

This was the widest shapeliest ski I have been on. My first Salomon since I demoed the Series last year on a hard snow day...I suppose I never got the proper feel for those skis in that limited snow.

I eneded the day on an empty blue run with lots of skied down powder, edging the ski in these huge arcs from one side of the run to the other. Effortless.

As you can see from my review of the Scream 7 I really liked it as well. I can get that ski and a binder for less than the Pilots, but these are really tempting.

If money wasn't an issue...

I would like to try the Pilot 10. I would like to try a lot of skis. I need to decide though at some point.