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Mohair Strips

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Anyone know where I can purchase mohair strips to replace the worn ones on my skis? Although the skis are 20 years old they are still in decent shape (Rossignol), and I'd like to keep them. Thanks smile.gif Donna L.
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Ummmm.....I suppose it's possible there is somewhere you could find these.  But it's a bit like asking for seat belt parts for a 1996 Yugo.  I know you say the skis are in good shape, but mohair has been out of favor for waxless skis for 20 years (and for good reason)

You can find really good replacement xc skis for less than $150 from a variety of sources.  Atomic XCruise is on sale at Sierra Traders right now for $115 w/their extra 30% discount. 


I'm afraid to ask...but I'm guessing you still have 3-pin bindings? with really soft, low-cut shoes?

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Accident waiting to happen
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Search for 'kicker skins'.      Black Diamond still make mostly-mohair ones.   Cut out what you need and glue it in,  or use the kicker skins as-is.

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I have some old mohair strips -- what kind of dimensions do you need?

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 I am missing one 3/8" wide x 25 3/4" long  as of today but could use a couple.   John

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Wonder if a strip cut from a climbing skin will work? I'd like to make some old wood XC skis waxless for my grand daughter. Waxing for  maritime snow right at freezing or above is hit and miss and mostly miss. I've got the skins,skis and router so I think I'll give it a go. Howyadoin, JS?

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Out here on the right coast some of us pack old skins that we've cut down to 1" wide and run 3/4 the length of the ski.  We usually pull them out for the trip home on packed trails.  Now we are putting them on skis that are ove 100mm in the waist, so you may want to go even a little narrower.  Good luck!

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So let’s see, kicking around my basement I have:
- 42cm x ~6.6cm (width varies)
- 40cm x ~6cm (width varies)
- 170 x ~2 to ~4cm (varying a lot along the entire length)
- 170 x ~2 to ~6cm (varying a lot along the entire length)
- a pair of much thicker mohair, apparently U.S. Army origin?
- another pair of thicker mohair, unknown origin
You can have the entire box of all this for $8 plus whatever shipping is for a 2 lb 12 oz box from 01002 to wherever you are.
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From mohairjohn To Jonathan Shefftz - I would like to buy the 170 cm long pieces. $8 + shipping is great. What is the next step to make this happen? mohairjohn
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mohairjohn, you can hover your cursor over any user's name, or click, and the PM option will become visible.  Just swap contact information privately.

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You still have those mohair strips , by any chance?
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