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Atomic 10 EX- can I get a wtness-AMEN!

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I got these boards on Dec. 29. since the wasatch had not had any snow since 12/24 I had limited use in soft snow but in crusty crud and groomers they rock. hard bumps they were not so good but then neither am I. now that we have been blessed with a 4 day storm cycle I can say that they are the best ski I have been on. they allow me to ski anything I want 2x as fast. I was ripping through pockets at alta & snowbird that were once difficult. I felt like I was cheating. these out perform XXX, Bigs, and any other ski I have had the pleasure to ski. I am 220 6' lvl 8ish skier. ther was nothing that was open at Alta & the bird tht I was not completely comfortable on. I ride these in a 191 with out any problem. they make correcting mistakes at speed a breeze. I may never bring my mid fats out again except as rock skis or to (shudder) ski bumps. if you are a western agressive skier, try it you will like it!!!!!!!

have not posted much recently cuz all you flamers should really try skiing. its fun!
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How are they on short turns, e.g. tree skiing?
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After a week of my buddy laboring to manuever the trees in Park City and Snowbird on his 191's, while I darted around on my 188 Mod X Pro's, I think he would say that they blow.
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trees @ alta & jupiter @ park city have been a dream. MLK weekend friends & I did top 2 bottoms in the gad trees & I waited at the bottom w/ a big smile each time. they dont blow at all. maybe your buddy is on the wrong skis.

dance for snow
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Can anyone comment on how these compare to G41's?

Anyone teleing on the 10.ex?

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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Funny you should ask that RidgeHiker, I'm comparing the 10.ex vs. the G41 for tele also -- haven't ridden either yet, though.
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i'm teleing on the G41 in a 198 with G3 bindings. this seems to be the hot setup at Bridger this year whith at least half a dozen of us on the same gear. and for good reason! the G41 is the best tele ski i have ever been on, it absolutely rips in crud, floats in pow, carves on groomer.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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ridgehiker, can it hold an edge on icy/crusty slopes? That's the problem with my XXX -- though maybe I'm asking too much of a fat ski.
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rode the lift with an Alta patroller with 10 ex with a tele set up. he was very happy.
such a light ski that it would seem a great tele choice.
it is the same under foot as the XXX but a bit more side cut so it grabs well on hardpack ( at least Utah hardpack...)
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Matt - where you at Alta Sunday - I rode wildcat with a guy on 10 ex's - he had your demeaner - was that you? I was on the Iggy FFL's.
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that was probobally me. I dont remember any iggys next to me though.
white & blue helmet?
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Just wondering how they are on hard snow, i.e. going down to the lodge for lunch. I instruct and ski with family a lot so I need something that will be stable at speed of groomers. Otherwise, backcountry at Baker is where I ski.

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I demoed these boards and they can trench any groomer; pow and crud are laid to waste. Very impressive all-round... may have to find a new username next year.
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freefall, i spent the day today skiing steep narrow hard chutes on my G41's and i never lost an edge (i didn't have that option though) most of the turns were big jump turns, not a whole lot of carving. They hold well on hard groomer. The only real drawback in crust is the stiff tails tend to punch through sometimes.

They suck in hard volkswagen sized bumps though. Wait, hard volkswagen sized bumps just suck in general.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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