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Help picking midlayer for trip to Vail

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I am trying to decide what mid layer would best for me, but as with most previous post on this subject the answers are subjective to the persons tolerance to cold and the conditions they ski in. I am going to be skiing Vail mid January and assume the weather will range between 0-25 degrees during the day. I am 5' 10" 145 pounds and have a arcteryx beta ar jacket with a patagonia merino 3 base layer and don't get cold very easy. I have been looking at the arcteryx atom lt jacket and the patagonia r1-r3 jackets. I don't know which ones would be overkill and which ones wouldn't be enough. I am open to other suggestions besides the ones I stated.

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Anyone? I can get a deal on a Patagonia R1, but the sale ends tomorrow and I don't know if it would cut it in 20 degree weather. I appreciate any feedback.

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Hi.   I am cold-tolerant.  I ski Central Colorado several weeks a winter, and I often wear a similar layering rig:   Patagonia Merino 3 base layer, Cloudveil RPK shell.   I usually wear a Patagonia R4 fleece jacket (about 4 years old) with this combination at Vail if I am going to be out most of the day in January-February, heading to the back bowls.   I could probably get along OK with one of the new high-loft R3 jackets in these conditions---but I don't own one, and I have not found the R4 to be overkill until it gets above 25 degrees.   Just open up the RPK pit zips if it gets warm.   I think the Patagonia R1 will be too lightweight for a cold day in January, unless it just a brief series of runs frontside.



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suggest you check the weather forecast just before you go, compare to the temps where you normally ski and decide how much mid layer you think you might need and pick something up last minute if you need to. These days trying to guess the temperature ahead of time is a crap shoot. (It was 70F in Munich on Xmas day). You don't need to spend big bucks on a fleece midlayer--anything on sale or just cheap will do--unless you're going for lightweight/low volume, in which guess you're looking at a down or synthetic puffy.  

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I just bought a Patagonia better sweater to go with my capiline 3 base and Arc'teryx sidewinder jacket. It was -10 with the wind chill last weekend and I stayed toasty warm. So I would think the r1 would keep you warm enough with your other gear.

The only thing I don't like about the better sweater is it has no wind resistance on its own. I have been wearing it around town because its nice and comfy, but any wind cuts right through it. I works great as a base layer though as my jackets is completely wind proof.
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Does anyone have the arcteryx strato or apache fleece and do they work well as a midlayer in weather below 25 degrees? I know the apache is a 100 weight and I don't know if that would be warm enought with my merino 3 baselayer.

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Arc atom pullover
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