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I like my Magfires but....they are so heavy that by the end of the day I find them hard to move around and turn easily.  These are three year old orange Mag's.  I would like a ski similar to the grip these have in icy conditions.  Nothing super stiff and I hate super flexible skis.  Not a speed deamon,I like going quick, but dreams of racing are not there.  I enjoy carving back and forth - not an aggressive skier.


  1.  I ski 100% of the time in the N.E. - Catskills, Berkshires, and Aderondacks

  2. I ski groomed blues and blacks - icy, packed powder, sloppy mounds of snow that want to be moguls (formed by skiers making runs in fresh snow where there are definite 'lines' but the snow has clumped up)

  3. Ski 10-15 days per year

  4. Somewhere between intermediate to advanced, closer to advanced?

  5. 5'9" and 190 pounds