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Hello! Please give opinion on ski length.

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Hi there, i'm 6'1'' and 180lb.
I'd classify myself as an intermediate-to-expert skier. I usually do glades and moguls on ski trips. often go to whistler.
I wanted to ask some of you skiing people for an opinion. I've never used skis more than 168cm long. However, the online calculators based on height and weight suggest 176-181cm length.

I'm deciding between rossignol experience 83 skis that come in 168 and 176cm lengths.
Should I go for 176? In theory it would give me more support on steeper hills, however, I wanted quick turns on moguls.

I can't say i've experimented enough to make that call.  Do you think i'd find I'd have a lot more stability in the glades since the longer skis would be able to hold my weight well?


What would you guys recommend?

Thanks so much!

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Is 83 wide a pretty good all-mountain ski.  I.e. won't sink too much in powder?  Most of my skiing isn't really powder anyways, maybe 10% is.  I can always rent in powder days.

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For a lot of people "all-mountain" starts at about 90mm.  I own 68mm, 90mm and 110mm skis.  I ski mostly off-piste: bumps, powder, trees and cannot honestly think of any reason why I would want to use my 68mm skis.  My daily driver is now the 90mm skis, Nordica Steadfast, but I used the 110mm skis as my daily driver for one full season, including teaching several days a week.  If you're set on a pair of Rossis, try the Experience 88, you'll work less in deeper snow.


As far as length goes, if a ski has either tip or tail rocker, you need to go longer because it will ski shorter than the stated length.  I'm 5'7-1/2" and usually use a ski about 161-3cm, but my Steadfasts are 170cm(tip rocker only) and the length is perfect.  My son is 6'0" and is skiing 178cm skis that have tip rocker.

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Mid-to-high 170s is your length for all mountain skis.  If you were looking for a front side carver you could shorten it to 170, and a slalom(ish) ski could be shorter again.  83mm in the waist is fine for an all mountain ski.  The Experience has a short turning radius for its length and the 176 should work nicely for you.  If you get a chance try to demo both lengths before purchasing, but the 176 should give you that bit more stability.


Good luck.

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