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skiers edge lll

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Just bought a used skiers edge lll and it didnt come with an owners manual. Manufacturer says no longer available. Does anyone have a copy, could make a copy etc. Also i think they came with a demo video, any of those out there as well? Thanks for any help. Dan:D
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    Step 1 . Stand on platform
    Step 2. Move lower body and feet side to side keeping upper body upright

    That is pretty much it! smile.gif
    Move the roller pivots to increase tension on the belts

    For increased intensity and additional balance use without poles once you get used to it
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They recommend replacing the belts every couple of years.  The rubber does deteriorate and you wouldn;t want it to snap while you're using it.  Examine the belt closely and if you see any cracking, don;t use it until you replace it.


I found using it in front of a mirror helps.  Keep your upper body quiet, and concentrate on all movement being from the hips down. 


I'll take a look and see what model ours is.  If it's a series 3 maybe I can get a copy to you.

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I found this vid useful after getting a Skiers Edge II off craigslist.


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That would be great! Thanks for the help!smile.gif
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Pretty straightforward. Just get on it and go...impossible to screw up.
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