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Atomic BetaRace 9.20

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I know these have been reviewed previously, but I can't find that thread anymore, so I'll talk about them in a new thread.

190 pounds with all the gear
level 8-9 ability
5' 11"
I like to ski aggressively in the fall line or make big GS/SuperG turns.

WOW! What a ski. I can clearly see what folks were talking about when they say these skis will force you to be a better skier. They are far more sensitive to subtle technique changes than my old X-Screams were. As I mentioned earlier in another topic, the best analogy for the difference between the X-Scream Series and these skis is that it's like switching from a broadsword to a scalpel.

The X-Screams were a GREAT do everything kinda ski. The type of ski that you can click into and not really ahve to worry about the type of snow conditions. Slop, crud, mashed potatos, hardpack, powder, the X-Screams handle it all well. The 9.20's are truely a hard snow ski and, for me and where I ski, more appropriate. These skis bite into the snow like a rabid pitbull. Once you set them on edge in a turn, they are rock solid! They did tend to get unstable at high speeds when flat (even more so that the X-Screams), but once on edge they are unflappable.

While I do miss my old X-Screams for their abilities in late afternoon soft snow (AKA mashed potatos), the 9.20's are PERFECT for me and the kind of skiing I like.
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What length did you try?
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I would agree with all of your comments. BTW, are you on the 2000/2001 or last years? There have been many improvements since the 1999/2000 model which I have.

I recently bought the ModX in 188 and have been skiing it exclusively for 2 weeks but switched back to my 9.20's last weekend because of icey conditions. The 9.20 is indeed a ski that demands attention and I was more tired after 6 hours of skiing than on my ModX's. As for stability at speed unfortunately my ModX's have the 9.20 beat.

I have recently ventured back into the bumps. I first started with my ModX's and they were fair competent. FOr a mid-fat they were quick edge to edge and were able to make short enough turns to make skiing in the bumps fun.

But the 9.20's were far superior. They were very quick edge to edge and allowed me to stay on the snow more. Short turns around the bumps or over them did not require much effort just subtle and quite technique. Don't get heavy handed or try to muscle the ski through the bumps this would work. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised on how well this ski worked in the bumps. In fact, my ability to ski the bumps with better technique has improved on the 9.20 BRace!

Just my .02

Later, Peace & Out


ps. here is the old thread: http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum7/HTML/000009.html <FONT size="1">

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Max, I bought the 180cm. I thought long and hard about the 190 (the 180 just seemed SO short), but I'm glad I went with teh 180. The shorter length just makes an already manuverable ski that much more so. My purpose was to buy a ski that fits the terrain I ski the most (Mid-Atlantic area). The shorter length seems to fit the bill better (for me) than the 190 (I do wish Atomic could see it in their hearts to make a 185).

Ed, I'm on the 2001 model. I didn't ski the 2000 model, but I've heard that Atomic softened them up a bit and added the riser plate for 2001. Good to hear they ski well in teh bumps, that is the one place I want to improve my skiing, but I didn't get a chance to ski many bumps last weekend.
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