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Is this chattering?

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Hi, I hope this isn't too silly a question, but I have some used rossi GS skis that I like to bring out for groomers, and they are a blast when I'm carving, but when I don't want to go all out and start putting some skid into my turns, the outside edge will lock up then release violently 2-3 times during the course of a turn.  This is only on every second or third turn, and it happens predominantly on my right side, though it still happens to a lesser extent in softer snow and on other pairs of skis.


So, I guess my question is, is this chattering?  I'm not terribly familiar with the lingo, but it seemed a bit more slow and jarring than other people had described.  If so, any advice?


I'm a competitive nordic skier who gets out alpine skiing once or twice a year.  I can ski most any terrain I feel like, though I imagine my technique on alpine skis is not ideal.


Thanks a bunch.

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   Get some video if you can...The issue would be easier to diagnose.



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First, there are no silly questions.

Is there a possibility the ski edges are railed (edges are higher than the base material)?

Can you "smear" turns?

If you are too much on edge when trying to not carve, and if you're on hard snow, you may get chatter.
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Sounds like an edging issue not chatter.

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Sounds like classic chatter.

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i agree skidude...i do wonder if canting or tuning is a factor (too aggressive a bevel and/or bad cant causing too high edge angles ) i also wonder if this is occuring on chalky, hard snow...

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