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Winter/Late Fall-Early Spring wear advice wanted

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Wanted Winter Wear advice thread.


About me/Lifestyle: currently in my younger 20s, living in nyc and i was highly interested in really good ski-wear for the unpredictable weather here. I snowboarded a few times in resorts and will continue to do so. I do go hiking/jogging and running around the city for over 3 hours[even in bad weather conditions]. i don't want to carry umbrellas, hence my wish for ski apparel.


My Figure: 5'6, 135lbs.[I am very susceptible to cold]


Problem: just by my figure i have trouble fitting into a lot of jackets out there and can't really decide how to layer it all. What tech is really necessary or not?


What i tried on so far:

-NYC has a Burton Flagship Store so i checked them out first and couldn't fit into any of their hoodies, however i was able to fit into their XS shell jackets and fleece ONLY.

-Went to REI/EMS and it was a LOT of TNF items[i don't like em anymore >_>] 

-I can't tell if the Rei/EMS jackets are cheap knockoffs or not.

-Spyder Products were hard to find and was only able to fit into their Insulated jackets[Small Size of course] but seemed a bit too pricey for what seems like crappier "tech" when i looked at the other stuff they offer online.

-Spyder Core Sweaters are so weirdly sized!!! i don't know how the arm length in small is fine for me on their insulated 3M Thinsulate Jackets and their Core Sweaters are a LOT longer on the arm length.

-just mind blown at all these other brands that i barely noticed till further researching and hence me asking here.



Jackets previously owned: [this would probably explain why i need advice]

Junior High/High School - The North Face - Triclimate HyVent, can't even identify

College - The North Face - Triclimate HyVent, Windwall Fleece



500-max for insulated jackets

150 max for fleece/mid layers?

not sure about softshells and how they work honestly so don't know how to budget that.


Questions/Conclusions after researching: 

-after hours of reading through articles i am willing to pay for merino wool as base layering.

-not worried about pants too much since i wear jeans anyways and have ski pants i'm comfortable with already

-i don't like down much cause it tends to rain/snow a lot in NYC and spontaneously too.

-PrimaloftOne insulated jackets are priced like it's the best insulation but are they?

-is the eVent material better than Gore-Tex? What other "techs" are better?

-Spyder offered this interesting anti abrasive Bemis to their most expensive jackets and wondering if there are any other anti abrasive techs out there that is offered in other brands.

-Insulated Jacket or Shell/mid-layering for me?

-I would of course want something waterproof but i think almost all these jackets these days offer that so i wish to invest in something with a lot of durability and overall, warm.



Thank you for any advice and i'll be continuing with researching on my own!

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My advice is that in general since the expiration of the goretex patent, there is no longer ahuge difference in jackets among the manufacturers. Each company now comes up with their own trademarked term for waterproof breathable and your money is paying for marketting and sponsered athletes more than something really made out of gold. Yes there are differences but not huge ones. As a result, the most important factor is that the jacket (with the features you want) fits you well and is comfortable..

Spend some time talking to the salespeople at the shop you like and paying attention to fit rather then any terminology or written marketting gimmicks. But definitely you can get a jacket for far less than $500. There are several other jacket threads here, search and take a ready
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