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race coach lesson palns?

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Does anyone know of a good website/book that has good practice plans for a new race coach?  Or your own ideas?

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Not race specific but I like Chris Fellows' book "Total Skiing" :


breaks down skiing into the components of functional movement, physical fitness, ski technique, and terrain specific tactics.


Lots of drills and exercises in the book for technique - balance, etc.


It also contains diagnostic tests to determine which areas need work, and then builds plans around the results.

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The best thing a new race coach can do is get their athlete's attention. If they aren't interested in what you're teaching them - if they don't genuinely see that you can offer them something - it doesn't matter what you teach.

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The USSA website is pretty good. Check out the skills quest.


Otherwise look on line. There are a million drills / videos etc.


As far as a typical day training...


Send kids an e-mail ahead of time or creat e aFB page for announcements.  What skis  GS?  SL?  Twin tips?  Suits?  Training shorts?  Armor?  Focus for the day.  Post a link to pix or video of pros training (on snow and dryland).  Weather conditions.  Layering.  etc.  (I HATE when kids are underdressed.)


If possible have something set up when the lids get there.  If terrain and space do not allow - then directed free skiing. warm up...


Unbuckle cuff - Buckle very loosely. (promotes ankle flexion.)

Hold poles parallel to slope



Hands on knees

One footed skiing (have kids start with TWO skis on) on VERY gentle terrain.


If you can set something:

Brushes and stubbies to start.  Set a brush above the turn to round things out.

Hop drills with brushes and bamboos.

Vary rythym and turn shape. 


Finally - courses.  How are your setting skills?


Finally Finally - VIDEO.  Nothing teaches like seeing yourself.  Post on u tube or sprongo.


Finally finally finally- Keep it simple.  Try not to overload the kids with too many things.  Emphasize MASTERY not so much variety.


Hope this helps.

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The "essentials of skiing" is closer to basics training than "total skiing". It also is better structured for ski technique and drills, progressions etc. not much on fitness and development though, so get both.

Your coaching association must have lots of materials on drills, training, mental, coaching, safety, ethics, equipement selection, boot fitting etc. The CSCF has tons, if you're in Canada...

Get as much training as possible for yourself. Up here we have to get PD credits every season (professional development) which are done with high level coaches and you always learn new stuff there... Or remember what you've forgotten.

If you're really into it, there are a lot of other books on training and coaching principles in general that can assist you in developing your plans, like "the talent code" etc. look them up.

Good luck!
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Coaching Orgs like CSCF and NCCP have tons of material.  If you are not certifed, I highly reccomend you get certified.  Your athletes deserve a certifed coach.

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