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So I've been struggling with boots that are too big for to long and I'm finally am taking action. My foot is very low volume with what the boot fitter described as a size 27 ankle and foot with a size 29 big toe. Basically my big toe is much longer and bigger than the other toes (maybe 3/4" longer than the second toe). Each toe is set back quite a bit from the next one so my toes are sort of raked back with the tip of the little toe 2" back from the tip of the big toe. This means my foot is always sliding forward and destroying my big toe and there's nothing but air between the top of my foot behind the smaller toes and the boot. I've tried various punches and grinds in the big toe area but am still left with a sloppy fit in regular boots especially over the top of my foot directly behind the other toes.


Anyway I visited a boot fitter than specializes in race boots and tried on a few boot with 95mm lasts and had some success, but they still felt a bit too big (even downsized to a 28 with my toe jammed into the end). I then tried a Lange WC Plug boot. Finally got a snug fit all the way around. Would need some punching and grinding for the big toe and a few bone spurs as usual.


The boot fitter gave me two options: The Lange Plug or The Atomic Redster 95mm plus a foam injection liner to take up the extra room. I'm looking for feedback on two point to make my choice:


- Getting the Lange on and off seems like it takes a team of people with the jaws of life. I'm concerned that this could get old real fast.

- I rarely ski groomers and prefer steep powder and crud at speed with small drops and such. I'm worried the Lange will be too harsh of a ride. I'd like some shock absorption and a smooth but firm flex.

- If I go the foam liner route will the liner last very long?

- For both options I'm worried about cold feet as well. Should I just budget for heaters?


Anything else I should be considering? After 30 years of suffering I'm ready to do whatever it takes short of surgery to get good fitting boots.