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Possible Calcaneal Fracture

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Hi guys, I was on the slopes yesterday took a decent jump off a cat track and since it was early season conditions, I'm assuming I hit a rock or tree when I landed with enough force to put a serious dent in my base. Where I hit was right underneath my left heel and I instantly felt a severe sharp pain in the heel. I took a couple minutes to gather myself and I managed to make it down to the lodge, which was a pretty painful experience. I couldn't really stand at all so it took me about 15 minutes to walk inside. The pain wasn't too bad while I sat down for a few hours waiting for friends to finish for the day(didn't wanna ruin everybody's day). Decided against visiting ski patrol just cause it would mean more walking and as soon as it happened I felt that I could have broken my heel, and I didn't really think they could do that much for it on the mountain. When I got home and after I got everything off my feet, I started with some RICE treatment, but to be honest there wasn't that much swelling at all, and that's whats kinda held me back from taking a trip to the doc. So now on the day after the swelling is marginally more than it was, a little bruising on the side of my heel, and I still can't really put weight on my heel without lots of pain, though I can walk with a little pain if I stay on my toes. The pain is pretty localized with one spot on the bottom of my heel and another on the side causing the most severe pain when I touch it. I also have some pain when I curl my toes. I don't wanna put too much info and I know you guys aren't necessarily doctors, but I was just wondering if anyone has had a fracture like this with little swelling and bruising? Thanks for the help.

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Hi Moonkid, Im a physician, if it still hurts i'd definitely get an X-ray, if its feeling alot better than no worries. Fractures dont always swell and bruise but severe pain with light pressure to a localized area could be a fracture. Hope you are ok.


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