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First time poster (but avid reader of the thread) here looking for advice on buying my first pair of boots.  Let me preface all of this with a bit of background: intermediate all mountain skier, looking to push myself and get better.  Ski blacks comfortably, looking to hone my technique and speed this coming season. Split time between east and west during the season.  I am 6’3 200 lbs with a normal to slightly wide foot, fairly low volume arch, less than ideal ankle flex. I do have a seriously mangled right ankle (inner bone pops way out) that I’ve dealt with in rentals and have managed for 4-5 days in a row with some discomfort in prior seasons.  Know I am going to have to get some custom adjustments and the spot blown out on any boot I settle on.


With all that said I just came back from my local boot fitter and tried on several models of boots and the ones that fit the best were the Tecnica Demons.  Had them on for a solid 30 mins, flexed, walked etc. and they were comfortable throughout.  I am going to purchase these boots but wanted some advice on the 100 Flex vs. 120. The 120s were the most comfortable but knowing my ability now am I better in the 100s or should I go for the more aggressive (because of my size and future goals) for the long run?  Appreciate the help.