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Beta Ride 9.22 SL

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Skill Level. 7
Ht. 6’ 1”
Wt. 225 (+, holidays )

Atomic 9.22 superlight in a 190 length. Once again, a ski that was definitely better than me. Was really impressed with the feeling of a good solid platform in the crud. Made for some nice long cruising arcs in the crud and cut up groom. Just edge a little and let it go. No real drawbacks on anything with a little soft to it. A little stiff in the tail for a guy like me that occasionally gets back on them. Only one complaint and it’s not a big one. Not quite as good a hold on the hard ice as I would have felt comfortable with. Any comments, BetaRacer? Always valued.
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Hey Bob , I'm right in the size catagory your in (228lbs. 5ft.10in.). I have them in 190cm and haven't really found them to let me down yet , had the chance to run gates with them and was surprised how well they held . Also did some serious GS type stuff of the eye watering variety and found they are lacking a little at warp 8 on the real hard stuff but thats compared to the 10.26's that I was on earlier in the day(not really a fair comparison).
Throw that outside ski way out there and stick in the snow and it comes back stronger than I thought it would . Over all I think they are a great all-rounder , for me probably the most versatile ski I've been on.<FONT size="1">

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I ski the Atomic 9.22SL in a 190 CM. I am am 5" 9" and 185LB and about a 7-8 skill eastern skier. I found that the 180 length was a little short and the 190 gave me more stability and speed, especially with the lighter swing weight, although a little tougher to manuver on the ice (Killington on MLK weekend was solid ice no matter what ASC claimed for conditions). The same skis were great at Jay over New Years on solid powder. I look forward to seven days at Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee next week on the wide open slopes. I will post again when I return.
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Bob, I demo'ed the Beta-Ride 9.22 in the East and was completely blown away. Almost bought em' on the spot, but decided to demo one more time and try them on my favorite mogul run at Elk mountain.

Boo hoo. I finally found a flaw to this wonderful ski. The profile was just too wide for manuevering in the bumps. Still no ultimate ski...but close to a find.

I am considering trying the Beta-Ride 9.20.

does anyone know the likely performance benefits of the Beta-Ride 9.20 vs 9.22?
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