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Snow Rainbow

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Having fun with 2 GoPros at very small local hill. The rainbow at the background was real (it is not lens effect). I have never seen such thing during winter rolleyes.gif


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Sundog halo effect with the refracted light circle around the sun as you look towards the Sun, as opposed to a rainbow seen looking away from the sun.  Sundogs are pretty common on cold days with thin Cirrus clouds, but I usually see them as a spot rather than a full halo.

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nice video.  I just received a silver gopro for Christmas and can't wait to try it out next week.   


I never seen the unit mounted to the helmet on the side like that.  Is there a special mount I need to purchase to do that?

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The mount is done using standard pieces included for helmet hero. I prefer this kind of mount because it is closest possible to my point of view. You can see it on

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