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Berkshire East 2012-2013! Check it out this weekend

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Well, after a slow start weather-wise, the the little ski area that could really took off yesterday: 14-16 inches of dense snow enabled the opening of the entire mountain (trees and all!).  Skiing was wonderful.  The owners have really expanded the snow making this season and have been really getting after creating great conditions.  With sustained cold weather on tap (finally), the next few weeks will be great at the B'East.


Seriously, if you want to avoid southern, VT crowds and prices this Holiday weekend (or any other weekend)-be sure to spend a day at Berkshire East in Charlemont, MA.  It serves up a much higher quality ski experience than you might expect.  Yesterday's powder day got me motivated to make a plug for my favorite little eastern ski area!

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Berkshire East really is a hidden jewel, and as Liam said a great place to go on a busy weekend to avoid the crowds and liftlines.  

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And, there's a good chance they'll get a little extra boost (2-4 inches) from the weekend snow...which, with the perfect snowmaking temps sets up a pretty great place to ski on New Year's .
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So..Is there really good glade skiing south of Vermont??  Check out this cool video shot yesterday by 3 young rippers at Berkshire East in Charlemont, MA and you tell me:




Oh, and these are all in bounds glades (not all necessarily on the map, however).  It's been a great Holiday week!

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Is that one of the ziplines they're skiing in a couple of those shots?

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Could Be, SMJ.   Most of the skiing is just regular ole' glades.


Some I hadn't skied before...and they sit right in plain view (like the two sets of trees in the woods between Jug and Chief (bisected by Broken Arrow).  


Just an update, the Mountain has been getting bombed with 24 hour snowmaking (comp, Cloud, Mohawk, lower Exhibition, and War Dance) and this should continue through the weekend.  So, although the offpiste has firmed up (but still has good coverage and is open), the on piste will be great this weekend.   

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A nice sunny day in Western, MA today.  First day I really got back on the groomers this season.  Really good skiing today.

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Last night (Friday) was good skiing (because of the little bit of rain, oddly enough, it really softened the surfaces).  Today and tomorrow will be true spring skiing (especially sunday).  I'll be there on Sunday-the Glades will hopefully have enough coverage still to be fun with the softening snow.  But the main trails will ski really well, for sure.

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Your love of the B'East is apparent with each and every post Liam and SMJ.  I'm new to the Beast - only been there twice - including yesterday, but I'm a huge fan.  What a fun mountain, not sure how I missed it all these years.  Now granted I had 2 great days there - first time a couple of years ago there was 5-6" new snow on a Friday morning, and I must have been the 15th car in the lot - gotta love that.  I loved the many different lines you could take off the top in and out of all those cozy pines.  I spent most of the day skiing hero soft bumps on Lift Line and (not as soft on) Jug and Tomahawk.  Runs like Comp and Flying Cloud have such great sustained pitch and hold snow well that you can really let em run cuz they groom it perfectly.  Now fast forward to yesterday.  Drove up from CT (drive through Hartford was treacherous due to 3' of snow 24 hours prior).  Yeah I was a day late - it was windblown and packed....but, once it got skied up a bit, in places where it got blown in - like Hemlock and Wilderness - there was all kinds of soft snow.  It wasn't fluffy, but it was super fun.  Zipped that like 5 times and certainly felt like I got a pretty damn good workout.  Perfecy sized runs - they're plenty steep and long, but you aren't dying at the bottom, nor freezing at the the top.  The B'east has surplanted Mount Slow as my new go to day trip mountain.  It's a good 45 min closer, much easier drive, usually the same conditions, and you can still hit up Sherbourne Falls Coffee Roasters - some great great joe on the way home.  Not sure when I can get there next, but I'll drop a line on here and maybe we can make a few turns.  Cheers.  LK        

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LK, so glad you enjoyed the mountain.  I was there yesterday too and also did Wilderness/Hemlock a few times.  The chopped up snow under the lift on Exhibition was fun too.  Matthias was there as well, had a great day there with him. Who knows maybe we even rode a lift together?

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Massachusetts Day this Friday, March 15th.  $25 with a Mass ID.  Tons of coverage on the mountain.  Anyone want to meet there?

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Tempting :)

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