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Luckily for me, Southwest flies out of RDU.  So that's my go to airline for ski trips.  The fact that SW allows 2 free bags, which can be a ski bag and another bag makes a difference.  I have the luxury of being retired.  I usually plan out ski trips in Sept or Oct.  SW usually has a fare sale for Jan-Feb in Oct that includes SLC.  Only last a few days so have to be quick.


May be unlikely for fares to change this winter.  Since last season was bad and things are shaping up well, the airlines are undoubtedly aware of pent up demand.  But I'm just guessing.


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I like to fly Frontier and then Delta. I'm hoping you're right about ticket prices drop. I've always found the best deals on Mondays and Tuesdays. But with the holidays and holidays on those days, I haven't seen much change.


I used Delta to get to Bozeman for a Big Sky trip last Feb.  A friend found a cheaper fare from SC that use Frontier.  I've added Big Sky to my favorites list.  Especially after figuring out that driving from SLC is a possibility when I feel like doing an extended trip for both places.  The bonus is that Grand Targhee is on the way.  Another place known to have good powder and few people.

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Not sure where you are coming from, but many a times I've caught the 7am flight from Philly or Newark and have been skiing by 12:30.  On the way back I always ski until about 2pm and catch the 5pm flight home.  I usually stay at La Quinta Midvale for $60/nt(free breakfast) less than 30  minutes from skiing.  Every morning at breakfast it's like a kid in a candy store deciding where to go that day.  Late Feb is the best time of the year to go, but I usually can't bear to wait that long.

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The Midvale La Quinta has an indoor pool and hot tub for those who like to unwind in water.  Can buy the SuperPass at the desk.  Seems like when I was there a couple years ago it was possible to get a 1-day SuperPass in person but not online.  Although the main advantage of a 1-day would simply be to get the bus pass too.

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Lcc has some of the best skiing in the world. Right now Aspen & Steamboat are better than any of the others.
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