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Hello everyone.
ability? maybe 7-8

Alright. The G 31 is everything I thought it would be and better. I have been skiing on The Rossignol Nightmare the last 2 years(It is a carving ski with a 63mm waist). The G31 is such a stable ski. Something I am not used to but is welcome very much. The ski is fairly stiff and filled with energy. You can do arcing Gs turns on icy, hardpack blacks and feel in complete control. Chatter is minimized with this ski.

On the hardpack and ice they are awesome. Feels like they are on rails. I have had them in 12" fresh stuff and they were gerat in that too. They floated pretty nice. It is a little difficult to carve slalom, short turns, but this is because the ski is a little too big for me.

I let my friend take a spin on them. The reason I did this-He is the best skier I know and probably ever will. PSIA, he is a 10. Raced many years (was once thought to be going to the Olympics, but something happened-no lie). So his opinion is sought after by me. After he got off them he said, " These will be my next pair of skis." Or something to those sorts. He said he could ski on two skis so much easier and they were great in every other category.

Point here: If you want a ripping, high speed, all around ski, get these, that is if you can find them

As the year goes on, I will try edit this with new info...After I get them on some real steep, icy slopes.

-shea<FONT size="1">

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