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Spent two days at Stratton. First time at an industry demo, it was a whole lot of fun and I got to try some stuff I would normally never ski. Spent a lot of time getting on stuff that was re-branded I've heard good things about, but did get on some new stuff.


If any one gets a chance try some new of the skny icelantics, especially if you are on the east coast. Feel like there was almost too much metal in the Brahma, lost almost all of the playfulness of the bushwhacker, I am a lighter skier so that might have been part of the issue. Wish I could have been there all three days but I need to let other people out to play. Liberty let me play on their helix and new variant both of which suprised me. Variant liked to go fast and straight but I could get it to do some shorter turns with a little bit of input. Helix was fun, but I skied it early the second day and I was a tiny bit under the weather at he time. Think I'm going to be switching my Smith Vantage out for a Pret helmet, got hooked up with a Shaman at one of the booths and I definetly cant complain. Had the vents on my vantage closed yet could still feel cold air seeping in that was damn aggravation. Pret does something with their vents that prevents this and it was wonderful.

I'm curious about your Brahma comment.  What are you comparing it to?  What do you ski, and what about your stats (height, weight)? I was guessing that the added metal would be a good thing for east coasters on the hardpack and ice.