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The best for all mountain and teaching?

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Hi guys, 


In January I leave for Canada (from England) to do my instructor course. I'm going to a place known for its powder but I like piste skiing and park skiing. After I do intend to take my park course and will get a park ski once I have that qualification. But for now I need something that handles everywhere.


An instructor said I'd be best with a 90mm underfoot while someone else has said something over 95mm.  I'm looking at the Salomon rocker2 90/92, Scott Crusade 90mm or Volkl Mantra. But that said I'd like to see what people would recommend as it would be greatly appreciated!





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My personal thought is

1) teaching beginners and intermediates is much easier on skis that are narrower than 90mm waist

2) improving your own skiing (fundamentals work on groomers) is MUCH MUCH easier on skis that are narrower than 90mm waist

The ski I'd pick for fun-skiing (100% fun hog) at Whistler is totally different from what I'd pick for instruction and personal skiing refinement.

Why would you doubt the person who is directing the instructor course?

The 3 skis you mention are totally different from one another. The Mantra is demanding and would be a lousy teaching ski unless your own personal skiing is pretty damned bombproof. The Rocker2 90 and Crusade are closer in character. Something playful at slower speeds is more fun to teach on unless you're going to teach upper-level skiers. If you're just learning how to teach, you're probably not going to be teaching many (if any) upper-level skiers at first.

Stab in the dark: maybe consider the Rossi Experience 88? Seems to me a pretty good mix of ease while teaching newbies, while having performance reserve for fun skiing.

(No, I'm not a Rossi pro.biggrin.gif)

At an alpine clinic I attended a few weeks back, PSIA Alpine Team members Robin Barnes and Eric Lipton were on Head Rev skis, I think Robin's were Rev 85 and Eric's were Rev 75. Either of them could ski anything. Why did they choose such narrow skis?
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Yeah I'm only being taught to teach, so I don't think I'd be teaching at all this year. 


I'm not doubting the instructors. They've given me a platform to work from but its all about finding the ski which will work. I'm used to just using rentals so picking my first ski is a hard decision. A year ago I was just going to buy a pair of park skis and for them to be my only skis. 


Funnily enough my brother said look at Rossi and K2's but he boards so I don't tend to listen to him when it comes to skiing. The Rossi does look like a nice ski but I guess when buying anything really you go on looks and then performance. I'm going to sound like that annoying guy now.. I just couldn't see myself skiing it due to its style. I like the pictures so I guess that's why I was drawn into the Volkl's as they all have quality images printed on them.


I guess really I'm looking for that fun and playful side as well as its serious lets get down to business, which also looks good. 


Thanks again :)

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