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I tunes 11

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Last night I made the major error of upgrading to I tunes 11. Thought it would be just another minor tweak, but, it's a major change in how the music is transferred from PC to I pod or I phone. I can't figure out how to make the transfers, and, am a very unhappy I-Tunes user. Beware of this upgrade, must have been managed by the same person who did their new mapping software. 



There is simple fix to my issue. When I tunes 11 opens, the bar that was on the left side of old I -Tunes is missing, and, that's where all access is done to our music. On a windows machine, use Ctrl + S, and the left side bar reappears.....


but come on Apple.....

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Thank you! That's been killing me!!



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Yeah,Apple seems to be getting caught up in the "gotta have something new" mindset, and sending it out without enough testing.  I ended up with 11 on my new laptop, and my wife won;t let me sync her music now.  Can;t say as I blame her.  Hopefuuly 11.2 will be better (or whatever they'll call it)

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