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X-Max 120 Question

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Re-Post onto the right Forum... Thanks in advance for any input



A question for any bootfitters with any experience with the X-max 120...


A few things first.... I am a type III skier, athletic style... 36 years old at 6 ft. 1 in, and 190 lbs.  I wear a size 10 US shoe... and when I measure myself using Mondo measurments... I'm somewhere around 27.5.  My last two bootfitters told me I had a medium to wide foot.  I have a medium to high instep.  I ski Head iTitans in 177 (they are a rocketship)


Anyway... last year, after reading so much about the wonders of downsizing... I bought an Atomic Hawx 120 in 26.5 (or 26, since I understand there in no difference once you put in a custom footbed.  After about 4 skiing days of agony, I felt awesome control, until my feet eventually fell asleep every time I skied.


So on a vacation to the Alps (I am from Michigan, but living in Europe for a few years)... I got tired of having my feet asleep, went to the local mountain story/bootfitter, and bought some new boots.  They told me I was a solid 27.5 after a few measurements and examining my foot (but no shell test)


I bought the Sollie X-Max 120 in 27/27.5 with a new custom footbed.  I really like the boot after skiing on it for 2 days... and I feel like I have good ski control (but not as good yet as with the smaller Atomics).  Anyway, I have been reading about these boots since I bought them... and everyone says to buy smaller than your Mondo... but I tried this and didn't want to do it again.  Considering the "Comfyness" of these boots after 2 days though... I'm wondering if I should have????  Ok, two questions.


1) Do these boots really run that big?

2) How much should I rely on the shell fitting procedure, and if it is really important, how much room behind my heel is too much in these boots for a long term performance fit.


Thanks very much for any insight.... Aric

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1)  no idea if they run big.  I think so,  I'm 8.5 shoe and bounce between 24 and 25 shells in the impacts

2)   10mm shell fit for average performance.


sounds like your old boots where to low in the instep and cutting off blood flow (numb and cold feet)    the mondo size is just ONE measurement,   doesn't adjust for instep height, width, cuff height, F lean, ramp angle, flex and a bunch of other things.

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i measure just shy of 29 and can COMFORTABLY wear the X Max in a 27/27.5 shell they run big to size

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Thanks guys...

After three days now... I'm feeling these boots loosen up... They will be too big I think.

One question .

1) The heel lock and consistent forward flex on these boots are great and I will consider the same in smaller size... The one pressure point I have is at the instep... Is this new Sollie shell managable for higher insteps?

Tx, Aric
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They size super big, and the 120 has a really poor super thin liner, we've replaced them all with the RX130 liners from lange, tightens 'em up a treat.

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Thanks small zookeeper...

What is your opinion on the RX 130 wide for higher insteps??
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Yeah the Lange is higher on the instep.

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