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Work boots: What to get?

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Hi all,


I am a ski patroller who works in my ski boots about 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. I currently have Scarpa Shaka AT boots, from last season. Despite my best efforts to mold these boots to fit my feet, the boots are just too narrow in the forefoot and too wide at the heel. My feet slide around pretty bad from the midfoot back to my heel, but my forefoot is so crunched that I have developed very noticeable and painful skiers "sixth" toes on both feet, as well as swollen and equally as painful pinky toes. I have had the boots punched out and scraped multiple times and I even cut out holes for my "sixth" toes in my liners. None of these modifications have made a difference and after 100+ days in these boots, I believe it is time for new ones. I would like something that accommodates my wide forefoot, which is an "E" measurement, my average heel width, and slightly below average ankle flexion. I have small feet (size 23.5 shell) and tend towards something stiffer. I am currently looking at the Fischer hybrid 10 - it cradles my foot very nicely - however, I am worried the boot may be too soft. What other boot options are out there that would work for me? I appreciate any input on the topic, and would also welcome any ideas on how to to deal with the "sixth" toes in the meantime...

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for patrol cochise is a nice option wiht a walk mode?

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don't know much about the Cochise but we have sold many Garmont Deliriums for years to World Cup course workers, coaches  and patrol.  Changeable soles let you use Tec or Din bindings, the boot is easy to widen and has a fairly high instep.  It is laterally stiff and skis well and of course has a moldable and warm liner.



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The Garmont Asylum and Azula seem like they have a wide forefoot but snug heel fit and would  be good options to explore.  In the event that more forefoot room is needed are they good options plastic wise for punching out the forefoot?

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