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Need help choosing an EC All Mountain...

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Painstakingly read a LOT of threads on here about mid-fats for the East Coasters (my head hurts) but many of them are about a one-quiver striking a balance between EC daily driver with some weekend fun out west...

Maybe that same ski still fits me, maybe not but I don't know enough about these skis to know what's best combo / size - looking for some help!

A little about me... 32yo male - 6ft 210#'s aggressive skier, advanced intermediate - advanced that will ski all over mountain, just lacking technique in some truly tough stuff - always eager to learn and push limits. been skiing 20 years. 80% of time doing weekday evenings or short weekends in northern Michigan or New York. Twice a year head out to Utah or Colorado. For West, I have 186 Gotama's. For East looking to replace some (what I think too short) 170cm Nordica Hot Rod Eliminator's from 2007 (about 7# something underfoot and 118 in tip). One thing I liked about them was how quick they were but likely result of 170 carving ski.

Anyhow, planning to keep the Nordica's for tooling around teaching my daughter to ski, and if they have any other use, but looking to replace with an updated mid-fat as my daily driver.

Ski shop recommended 2013 Kendo in 177cm (recommended 184 for size but said due to stiffness and length would be a bear in moguls so go down to 177). I don't ski moguls a lot but it is something I enjoy time to time. Same goes for trees so quickness is important.

Anyhow, is the Kendo a solid recommendation for my needs? Seems good to me, but all the reviews/ selling points seem to be high speed bomber sacrificing quickness. Keeping in mind I will take my Goats for most trips West. Any skis thy will be a better fit for some EC fun in my "big guy" size?

Any advise appreciated!
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As an East Coast skier, I will give it a go.  Check out the Blizzard Mag 8.0 or 8.5.  Both use the new flip core tech that everyone raves about on the Bones and Wackers but IMHO would make a better daily driver for where we are skiing.  I am also liking the Rossi Experience 88 if you really want to go that wide but I don't think you need to.  My daily drivers the now discontinued AC30 is 80 underfoot and find that it handles 99% of the conditions we get pretty well.  When I replace it maybe next season, I will be looking at the same type of ski for myself.


Good Luck

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Thanks for the advise! In the end after much thought and research, I went with a shorter Kendo (177) and a +1 mount for add'l playfulness. Ski shop ensured me this will be a "fun" ski with my size/skill level.

The quiver is complete for the time being...keeping my 170cm Nordica Hot Rod Eliminators for carving and tooling around, the 177cm Kendo's as go-to daily driver, and 186cm Gotama's for powder.

I'll try to post some feedback on my choice once I actually get a day on the Kendo's - taking them to Winter Park this Thursday smile.gif
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I'm making a similar decision.  How have the Kendo's worked out for you?

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I think that the Kendos are a good choice for the EC. I got a pair of 184s mounted w/NTN last spring and have nothing but good feedback on them, I go 6'2"x230, so have no problems making the 184 work. Shawnee Peak (ME), has been pretty firm this year, and most of last, so the skis have to be good on the hard stuff.


The few soft snow days present little challenge either, but I can see wanting a little more width at times, but 88 underfoot during those times. If I need to "suffer" through insufficient width I can grit it out though. smile.gif

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