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5’10” 173lb
Level 8/9
24 years old
Salomon Evolution 8.0 boots
Marker 5.1 Ti bindings

Took my first turns on these skis this past week at Taos,'s what I thought.

These skis are great skis for the strong intermediate to advanced skier looking to have fun at high speeds. The ski is a little heavy, which makes it slow edge to edge on quick turns, and very stable at high speeds making long carves. This ski is forgiving and has zero chatter at good speed. A little slow in the bumps, but a little more "spring" will take care of that.

On ice/hardpack, this ski holds its edge beautifully. Never had it slip out from underneath me. Perfect for straightlining groomers, and busting through crud.

Cosmetically, the ski gets cut a little too easily on top.

Overall, an excellent ski that really makes the carve for you.